What Brands can I sell on Amazon?


I am a new seller on Amazon so things are still a bit unclear. i desperately need to know that if i can sell brands on amazon? and if i do what brands can i sell or cannot sell? how do i get to know?

i have suppliers who keeps various stocks and over runs from different country brands…so, they not necessarily the big/high end brands but some not so common brands…how do i get to know?


The best way to know 100% for sure is to contact the brand owners before you list the items.


The unofficial list is quite long. I’ll PM you.

Always be sure you have permission from the brand owner before you list anything.


Sounds like Trouble Waiting to Happen…

Real Brands are very protective now on AZ because of all the fakes…


You can sell any Brand where you have permission and an actual invoice.


Browse through below post. Some of the restricted brands can be found in the first few links:


Here’s the latest published list.



Welcome to both the Forum and the Platform. The best way to find what Brands you can sell in here are all the brands that you can put in the list after you got 3 different things;

A) Written authorization from the brand, manufacturer or distributor to offer their products in Amazon
B) Legit Sources for all the products you will be offering, (you might have the authorization mentioned in A) but you still need to have your inventory purchased from a legit source if you want to offer them in Amazon,
C) Proper documentation on all item purchases and matching the qty offered or sold.

I think that you can sell any item on Amazon if you pass those 3 requirements, there are some brands already gated, on some of them a payment to Amazon will be enough to lift the gate, in some other brands you will need the letter mentioned before in order to be able to lift the gate.

Happy Sales


thank you everyone for your guidance…at least now I know when i’m offered certain stocks what I shall ask the supplier. :heart_eyes:


Before you order from manufactures/distributors, you should check to see if they allow selling on 3p marketplaces. Then you need to make sure you are put on any manufacturer approved lists. Just because they will sell it to you does not mean they will allow you to sell it on Amazon or eBay.
Lastly you should check skus/asins here to see if they are gated and need Amazon approval and what sort of approval. If you are buying directly from Asian suppliers, you will need to further look into the possibility of IP infringement/conflicts.
Doing this research ahead of time will save you from being stuck with $$$$ of merchandise you can’t unload or an account suspension.


Keep in mind that if you are ordering from overstock or closeout warehouses, they will not have the invoices you will need to prove that you have authentic items sold with the rights holder’s permission. Without these invoices, a single customer complaining about inauthentic items can get you shut down.


You’d be best to not have them as your suppliers.
Especially for Amazon merchandise.

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