What are these Amazon Seller Repay Charges?


I have these three charges on my account from Amazon.

They are labeled as “Amazon Seller Repay”. I looked online and most people said that that is the Professional Selling Fee but that doesn’t make sense because why did it happen three times in one month and also why are the amounts like that?

Can anyone tell me what these charges are and where I can find a receipt for them?


Sorry but the image shows Amazon Marketplace. Did you purchase anything off of Amazon?


Nope. never bought anything with our seller account.


Actually, it shows “AMAZON MARKEPLACE” - there’s no letter “T.”

Given the rather-alarming increase in the frequency of reports of problems with the Payments Dashboard (and its subsidiary GUIs/Reports, along with many other aspects of Seller Central’s performance), I suspect that this is another annoying Amaglitch - hopefully one that will resolve itself, or not require a long, drawn-out delay…

@SPRAYGROUND, may I ask if you find any embedded links in any of the individual fields in those rows of data that lead to clues as to what you’re being charged for here?


It’s every 14 days as well, do you use a repricer or did you add some service to your account?


We don’t use ant special apps. Still can’t figure out these charges. Is there someone I can reach out too?


Since your finding these charges on your Credit card(s), Banking, Professional seller fees are typically $39.99, and can be higher based on other services, advertisement, agreements you would know about by checking your Amazon acct details.

Otherwise I would suspect that someone has your credit card details and is making some purchases with your cards (either you forgot that you gave permission to do so, are authorized or not)


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