What are some of the security measures a new forum member can take to protect Personal and Business information from Stalker, Bully & Hacker?


Yesterday I was stalked and bullied in the forum, so I thought about what a stalker, bully or hacker can do with my personal and business information. I cannot say all that came to my mind as some of that information can help stalker, bully or hacker.

I have taken some steps.

1.) Change the default forum profile name and username.
2.) Hide my forum public profile.
3.) I decided not to post ASIN of any product I sell.
4.) I will never give personal information to anyone even in private messages.

If anyone wants to harm another member’s business then the personal information is all they need.

Whats with the hidden profile?

You said were stalked and bullied in the forum. And the same person was sending you bullying private messages?

If you’re concerned, you can report this to a moderator…

  1. Report them to a MOD

  2. MUTE Them… Your account has the ability to mute other people on the forum.
    Go to Notifications-> Users->Muted


I know about mute now, as i have checked all security features Amazon have in forum settings.


You can also uncheck in notifications -> Allow other users to send me personal messages


I have done that also, thanks.
Amazon forum public profile of a member has some information that can help a stalker or bully to get personal information, it may take some time but they can get.
Also, Amazon forum public profile of a member can have bread crumbs that can lead to a lot of personal/business information, as all members are new or were new once upon a time.


If you mean that Mods deleted some of your posts for being off topic, that is not being stalked and bullied.



Is that what happened? If so you need a thicker skin to sell on Amazon IMHO.


Mods are not members selling on Amazon, no i am not talking about flags.
I think you were also bullied when you were new and i learned that from your forum public profile.


Flags are not bullying.

Actually you are wrong.

I predict this thread will be flagged also, as it is very of topic and disruptive. Not bullying, just stating facts.


Since pictures speak a thousand words not using an avatar may be a good idea, also.




Also, you don’t have to respond or type to anyone that types to or responds to you.
This thread is a good thread because it lets new sellers aware of the setting capabilities of the forum.


Sellers are requested to use the flag feature in the forums for content that is in violation of our Forum Guidelines.

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