We've identified you as the owner of inventory that


WT%? Anyone ever get an email like this? Also had a chinese version of the letter…

I do have an inventory reconciliation battle going on but I think this is unrelated.


We are contacting you because we’ve identified you as the owner of inventory that had not been previously allocated to your account due to an error in one or more of your shipments to an Amazon fulfillment center.

On July 14, 2021, we will begin assigning items to accounts that we determine to be the owner of the unallocated inventory. Between July 14 and July 30, you might start seeing items from past shipments being added back to your account.

You have not been charged storage fees for items that were not previously assigned to your account. Once the inventory is assigned to your account, monthly storage fees will apply.

For more information, go to our inventory storage fees Help page:


If you don’t want to continue offering these items for sale, you can submit a request to remove them. We will waive the removal fee for these specific items until 11:59 p.m. August 27, 2021. Starting 12:00 a.m. August 28, you will be charged the standard removal fee to remove units that were assigned to you.

For more information, go to "Remove inventory from a fulfillment center":


To see inventory that was assigned to your account as part of this effort, download your Inventory Adjustments report after July 30 and filter by following the instructions below:

  1. From the "Reports" menu, select "Fulfillment."

  2. Under "Inventory," click "Inventory Adjustments," and then click the "Download" tab.

  3. From the "Event date" menu, select "Exact dates."

  4. Enter the date range for July 14 to July 30, 2021.

  5. Click "Request .csv download" or "Request .txt download."

  6. After the report status changes from "In progress" to "Download," click "Download" to save the file to your computer.

  7. Open the report in a spreadsheet or database program such as Microsoft Excel or Access.

  8. Filter the "Reason" column to show "N" only, and filter the "Unreconciled" column to exclude "0" values.

The Fulfillment by Amazon team


I don’t see any such threads and I don’t see the scam…


I got one as well. I had no reason to think it was a scam.


Have they begun adding the items to your inventory? Was it inventory you KNEW was lost, or did you just put in a reconciliation request?


i don’t see indication of a scam here, yet.


It is absolutely not a scam. It is exactly what it says it is.


so…what does this actually mean?

Is this inventory that’s been sitting under a conveyor belt somewhere for the last 10 years?

Should I expect a big blob of melted together CDs???

I presume this is inventory that is very distressed or they would have just reconciled like they usually do instead of being so generous as to allow me to recall it free of charge?


Received the same letter.
After July 30th run your adjustment report and see what they found.
Idk if this had anything to do with it but most of our inventory goes to Joliet IL.
The day after we received this letter our whole shipment went to Virginia.
Now back to Joliet. Don’t know if it’s a related issue or not.
Looking forward to see what they found.


oh, i had assumed different sellers got different letters for a different timefame etc. over the years…sounds like youre saying this is a first time thing, and those of us that got these all got them at the same time?


I received the same letter, maybe they found some items from your past shipments, anyway, you can download the report after 30.July and see what they found.


Let us connect the dots on the “Unallocated inventory to be assigned to your account” front:


I got one too. I haven’t sold FBA since 2017. Like I’ve said before, with FBA it is like Hotel California. You can check out but you can never leave.

Just think about the stupidity of this, you can sell FBA for a while and then move on with your life. 10 years later Amazon finds some item that they lost a decade ago, attach it to your old account and then have the nerve to try and start charging you storage fees. Seriously, if you left Amazon for greener pastures and didn’t read emails from them because you had been gone for years, you could literally have storage fees racking up that never knew about for items that Amazon lost. This makes congress look like geniuses.


Its not inventory that I have known is lost.
But to be honest, I don’t pay that much attention to it.


I had one of these the other day.


I just got hit with a Product Authenticity Customer Complaint. It’s a pair of shoes. So I got into my purchase records and find nothing. Then I pull the report that amazon instructs in that “we found inventory” email and sure enough, there are the shoes.

So, from the looks of it (and from what was written in that email) Amazon mysteriously “found” a random shoe and placed it in my account. Then the shoe sold. Then a customer filed an authenticity complaint. Any suggestions on how I can fight this?


Have you found an answer to this? I am having the same issue. Amazon randomly associated 841 usb chargers to my account. I previously sold textiles on Amazon 4 years ago. I’ve never had anything like this for sale.


Nope. I’ve submitted an appeal 2X, with proof that the inventory isn’t mine. Both times got the generic “we need more information” garbage response. Not sure what to do from here…

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