Went from 10,000 daily impressions to 0 overnight


So I just launched this new ASIN and was targeting a competitor ASIN who is almost the exact same product as mine for the first 3 weeks. I was targeting placement of “Product Pages” at 110% increase and this is where almost all my 10,000 daily impressions and sales were coming from. After about 3 weeks of selling with no BSR on this ASIN and no category Amazon got enough data to put me in a category and give me a BSR. That same day I got 0 impressions to “Product Pages” placement on the ASIN I was targeting. Now for the last week I’m only getting a couple thousand daily impressions on “Rest of search” and a fraction of the sales.
This competitor ASIN is years old and is in a different category than I was placed in but the product is almost exactly the same thing, if anything his asin should be in the category mine is in. I’m a new seller but I’m almost positive this is why my impressions stopped bc AMZ thinks our products are not related based on category. Does this happen? What’s my best course of action to getting this fixed?
Thanks guys!


Are you watching the competitors listing carefully? Did they stock out or have their listing down for any period of time?

PPC is a wild animal and it only takes 1 or 2 other competitors to raise their bids to the sky to cause this to happen. Are you noticing a new player in position 1 on the listing “similar items sponsored”?

Amazon is in the business to make $. They want as much PPC $ as possible because that’s essentially free $ with no overhead. There’s no wild conspiracy here or anything to do with the categories.

There’s a million reasons this could happen. There have been a lot of reported glitches over the last few weeks. Could be something going on in the backend.

Might want to consider expiring this campaign and setting up a new identical campaign to see what happens. I had something strange happen last year not dissimilar to this situation and that’s what I did, and it worked.


Yea I did try raising my bid crazy high and Product Pages placement to 500% increase and nothing. Not one impression. I called support and they told me to just leave it alone for a few days. Is there any downside to archiving this campaign and just replicating it? Bc that’s my next move.
I do appreciate the input!


try keywords in one campaign and auto placement in another. Also use broad, exact, etc. Mix it up.


I would absolutely do it all over. Your campaign might be caught up in glitchville…

I know this is a product targeted campaign we are talking about but note keyword campaigns can crash and burn like this if you have too many similarly spelled keywords in a single campaign. Been there and done that too.


I see. I guess I’ll wait a couple days and try archiving this campaign and replacing it with a fresh one. I really do appreciate the advice!


This is scary stuff. I mean the whole reason of having analytics is that it shows an accurate picture with data yet the data isn’t accurate at all. I went to school for market research graduated and ended up in investigations using data analysis to track down fugitives. If we ran on sponsored ads I would’ve never caught anyone. I can be the top bid and not get any impressions on the same keywords 24hrs before sold 100s of units then go all day with 0. Also the dashboard isn’t in context. Everything is in sales not revenue vs ad spend. Also there’s no adjustment between days. Say someone clicks your ad on Tuesday but doesn’t purchase until Wednesday? There’s no track of that. It also doesn’t adjust sales according to promotions/coupons.The whole dashboard is designed with the intention to obfuscate the true ROI of campaigns and create a narrative of winning campaigns.

Data analytics is a science, and science relies on observable and repeatable results with the constant of reliable measurement tools. If the platform (the tool) is glitching out and there’s no notification of alert or expected responses of said tool cannot be observed (calibration), then automatically the data is erroneous because the tool isn’t reliable. Sponsored ads is essentially pay-to-rank, which wouldn’t be a big problem if there wasn’t a 32 glitch or Zon couldn’t remove your sales rank altogether for whatever reason they want. Sponsored ads is more like playing at the casino, than it is data analytics. Most of the time you’re going to lose your money finding that winning keyword, once you do and the money starts flying in, the house is going to kick you out of the building.


In short, PPC is a Scam on Scamazon.


So I archived the campaign. Replaced it with a new one that was identical and raised the bid to $2.23 with a 200% increase on “Product Pages” and still same thing. Luckily I put the budget to $10 because it went out of budget within minutes. Here’s a screenshot

What should I do?? There’s obviously some kind of glitch here and this campaign was my most successful that brought in a lot of sales with super low Acos


Here’s what it looked like before it broke. I have the 900% increase because I was trying to get impressions at the end before I archived it. It was originally $.36 bid with 110% increase on this day


I can’t make sense of it. I remade all my campaigns. And it made zero difference. I think it’s time to look into DSP Console