Weirdness in FBA Inventory Edit


When I recently sent a bunch of inventory to FBA, FBA required me to enter the dimensions of the products. Nothing weird about that.

I have not used FBA much in the past few years so maybe this is known and commonplace:

Now when I look in the back end (Manage Inventory: Edit) I am prompted to correct errors under the shipping tab.

Some items have had their dimensions completely erased. Some products had the units listed as IN instead of Inches, so I had to correct that. These are programming errors between STA (Sent To Amazon) and the Inventory database that IT needs to fix

The reason I bring this up is because so much inventory has gone missing for so many sellers lately, and you never know: these weird things could be related… For example, if FBA can’t (or won’t take the time to) check them in because the dimensions are screwed up. Note: I have been migrated to the newer Inventory Edit, and several things do not appear to have made the conversion correctly. It must be hell for FBA. Any thoughts?

Also strange to me but probably normal: when I look at the Offer tab, it has Gift Wrap and Gift Messaging with nothing selected (which should be automatic as it is FBA, no?) It gives me the ability to select yes/no but nothing is currently selected on most items. At least one had ‘No’ pre-selected for both

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Hey @What_about_now,

Just seeing your thread here - thanks for calling this out! Has this inventory shipment given you any other issues since you posted it? I’ve made a note of the errors you called out and will be passing them on to my FBA point of contact.

  • Bryce


I would like to add, that all of my inventory from my latest small shipment of six skus was checked in promptly after I updated dimensions, except for one.

When I went back to Inventory> Edit I found that there were no dimensions listed for the item (Again, in spite of having been forced to enter them before sending the item in).

When I noticed this earlier I must have only re-entered the package dimensions.

I know, Correlation does not mean Causation. But anyone with inventory stuck in transfer or otherwise missing should probably check each items’ dimensions just in case!

Note: Most of my inventory has now reverted to the earlier Inventory> Edit, but not the product in question. This, in and of itself, could also have something to do with the problem!


Copy, and thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully anyone in the future can replicate your resolution steps. As I mentioned, I’ll be passing along this instance to my FBA contact. Keep me updated if you notice more weirdness!

  • Bryce