Weekly listing limits?


Hello all.
I have just started listing on my new Amazon account in USA - moved here last year. Previously I sold on Amazon UK.
I started listing (mainly books) 2 weeks ago. As at yesterday I have listed just 25 items.
Yesterday my latest listing was blocked, with this message:
Seller SKU : We have temporarily removed your ability to submit listings (creating new offers or new ASINs) because an unusually high number of listings have been created from your account. Please refer to the ASIN Creation Policy page (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/201844590) for more information on how to avoid receiving this error message. If you believe your listing creation privileges have been removed in error, please contact Seller Support by using the following link:
I wrote to Seller Support as suggested, got a long response, but the crux of it is in this paragraph:
To protect the onsite shopping experience for our customers, we limit the number of listings (offers and ASINs) you can create in a given week until you establish a sales history with Amazon. As you increase your sales, your capacity will increase. We encourage you to prioritize the products you are listing to increase your sales quickly.

I am attempting to understand this as it seems a bit strange in that:

I am listing books, it is hard to sell books in any quantity, but the more you list the more you sell. It implies restrictions will be lifted if I start selling, yet selling is, of course, dependant on having plently listed! Seems like a real catch 22 situation!

In UK I had around 1500 items listed, only then did I sell on a consistent basis.

How is this protecting customers shopping experiences? How is that affected by the quantity of my listings, should that not be based upon the quality of my listings, which Amazon could easily check out?

Struggling with the logic of this :slight_smile:

Anyone know how many items one is allowed to list in a week? Guess I just have to be patient :o)



Amazon can’t really check the “quality” of your listings that well.

And the reason for this is the Chinese scammers throwing up lots of great listings that they have no actual product of.

So … did you tell Amazon about your UK account when asking for the limit to be lifted ?

And finally you could try sending the appeal to seller-performance@amazon.com instead of support.


OP –

I’m sorry you’re caught up in this, but honestly I’m glad to see this requirement – nothing to do with you.

For the past year or more we’ve seen “New Sellers” from China who list hundreds of thousands of items on their first day – literally. (They’ve automated the procedure, of course.)

It’s very unlikely that they have a single one of all the products they’ve listed, but they’ll price their offerings at half of the offerings from legitimate sellers (whose sales are damaged by these Chinese sellers). These so-called sellers cancel a customer’s order or ship a cheap knockoff of the product.

Neither of these is a pleasant experience for a buyer. I’m really concerned what will happen for Christmas – I suspect there will be some very disappointed people. Customer confidence in 3P sellers is damaged by these people, so really we’re all hurt by this scam.

This appears to be an attempt by Amazon to limit these Chinese “sellers” and if so, I’m glad to see that Amazon is trying to control this (we’ll see if it’s successful).

Again, I’m sorry for you, but hope you understand it’s an attempt to attack a very serious problem on Amazon, one that many of us wondered if Amazon would ever attempt to solve.


this is done to keep scammers off Amazon as well as people who do not list properly.


Thank you all for your responses to this question.
Very educational - I had never heard of the China scamming issue, but then I have not been selling for a couple of years.
I share your positivity that Amazon are doing something about this, just a touch upsetting for the genuine sellers.
I have been allowed to list again today - but the frustrating thing is that there appears to be no indication of quantity or duration, ie, I have no idea when the restriction will be initiated, how long it will last, or when it will be lifted.
Trial and error I guess!
Thanks again all.


Amazon.com has been hacked hard with scammers listing 10,000 items at once and then disappearing after the money rolls into the account. This is simply one of several ways that Amazon is dealing with this situation. Another is seller verification on new accounts.


Hi OP. Glad I’m not the only one who got this error message. I got the same thing last week, although seller support gave me a different reason that seemed different from what the error was implying. I agree it is frustrating for us genuine sellers even though I know it’s good for combating the scammers.

How did you find out you were able to list again? Did you get a notification or did you just try to list things again? I was going to attempt to list again tomorrow. Also, did you end up contacting seller performance? I was thinking of giving them an email, but decided to try and list again first. I guess I’ll be on the trial and error train too.


Yes, I WAS going to contact seller support, but decided instead to just try another listing first, and it was accepted. Like I say above, a bit frustrating that nothing is quantified by Amazon, either numerically or by timescale, so I guess it is just indeed just trial and error!


Thank you! I will try that email tomorrow if I still cannot list by then. I’m glad you were able to list those items even with the photos trouble. I’m also interested in figuring out what these invisible limits are on our accounts and the responses from seller support and seller performance. I’ll keep you posted.


Still can’t list today it seems. I’ll probably try to contact seller support one more time and see if they give me the same response as before or a different response. Then if that doesn’t work, I’ll try to list tomorrow and maybe take it to seller performance.

Did you get to list a bunch of items or did you reach a limit again?


I have only listed three items today - no issues there. Have spent ages re-uploading pictures on my first 25 listings. When I checked my actual listings, for some reson, many did not include the photos I had added in the ‘offer section’. However, when I edited under the ‘Manage inventory’ section and added them there, they appeared quickly.

There was a suggestion above: “And finally you could try sending the appeal to seller-performance@amazon.com instead of support.”

I am Okay at the moment - but if you fancy trying that, I would be very interested in the result!

Good Luck!



Here’s an update. I didn’t get to contact Seller Performance as I was able to list about 10 items again last Sunday.

Seller Support did get back to me. They called it error code 8571 and apparently reached out to ASIN Throttle Resolvers. Two days later, I get a message saying that they received information from the technical department that my listing-creation privileges have been restored and to wait 24 to 48 hours first before trying to create new ASINs.

Happy to be able to list again though I wonder what they did since I was able to list even before the tech department solved the issue.


I listed another approx 20 items, bringing my total to 56 listings so far, and then I was stopped again yesterday.
I wrote to seller performance yesterday asking that they review my case - but have not heard back yet. Still suspended today :frowning:
I will wait 3 days, then have another attempt at appealing to seller support!
Hope you now have no further restrictions!


Oh no! Did seller performance or seller support get back to you yet? Hope you get to list more products soon.

Thankfully no further restrictions so far for me. This weekend I was able to list 19 items and even create a shipment. I wonder if I would have been able list 20+ items since it appears you were stopped at around the 20 mark.


The saga so far:
Suspended for second time on 15 Sept
Wrote to performance@amazon.com per above suggestion 15 Sept - received no reply :frowning:
BUT was reinstated 18 Sept (again, had to find out by trial & error)
Have listed 17 items since then…

But every time I hit ‘list’ I wait for that dreaded red suspension notice!!
Hoping you have finally been released from this restriction!

Watch this space & thanks for the update :o)


I am facing the same problem listing books. Each week, I am only allowed to list about 40 books. I am a new seller, and I do understand restrictions, but being able to only list about 40 items a week means that my inventory is still very small, and is growing very slowly. It is hard to increase sales without much of an inventory.


When I listed books with Amazon in the past, I believe it was unlimited. I have also been blocked and find this utterly ridiculous. I may just have a book dealer come in to see if I can get rid of my books that way. It will certainly be less hassle than posting ONLY 40 books per week, not to mention, packaging the books I sell, and shipping them out.


This is a


from November, 2017


Why if you previously sold on Amazon UK would you create a new account? Why not just expand you sales to the USA using your UK Account, and deactivate the UK portion of your account, and sell USA exclusive. Then you would not have to relist everything, and you would have a sales history.

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