We invite you to apply for the paid account management program called Marketplace Growth


Could this be part of their plan all along to squeeze more money from 3rd party sellers:

First have full control over your sales (block your listings, dog pages, sprinkler, demographic showings, daily/monthly sales caps, frequent glitches, failing sellers support, etc.)

Then a light at the end of the tunnel for desperate sellers …
Private account manager to show you the way. Taking you to safety and the road to success skipping all the chaos they’ve created in the first place at a cost of $2,500 - $5,000/month …

WOW … just WOW!


only good thing i see-Keeping your Selling Account healthy. if the account manager will keep your account healthy. and making sure any issue there is to reach out to the seller before seller performance does. this is a service wroth the price.


im in it now for a month/6 weeks…for me, not close to worth it…still cannot get fake feedback removed…constant dog pages still…really, at this point they are just stealing 2500/month…seriously no better than the awful free ss…


nope…was shut down for a week while being a part of it


I’m guessing this program is most beneficial to large companies that don’t have a clue how amazon works. It is highly unlikely that this program is beneficial to experienced sellers looking for a quick fix to their issues.


We reveived the email also.

Amazon marketplace is on the decline from our perspective.

This is why I find this program to be insanely delusional:

  • Traffic is down 70% on a sku basis
  • Average selling price has plummeted over the past 18 months
  • Massive technical problems with listings vanishing
  • Heavily manipulated search, where Amazon shows whatever product makes THEM the most money
  • Massive ridiculous storage fee hikes, which are being passed onto the customer
  • Non existent seller support
  • Fraud and phony INR claims through the roof
  • Chinese sellers continue to spam and scam
  • Fake reviews are worse today than they were 12 months ago

So again, why would they expect anyone to pay them MORE money when they are failing in providing the services we’re already paying them for?

They should be cutting fees, not rolling out more totally useless money grab programs.

From our perspective, Amazon is on the decline. Other platforms are becoming more profitable.

Therefore; what we are willing to pay to Amazon is decreasing, not increasing.

Also, what they are offering is offered FREE over on eBay once you become a top rated seller.

If you have questions, you can call US based support and they’ll help you with listings, give you advice, etc. if you need it.

All the best,


Do they help keep your account from being randomly suspended?


this is my question as well.


Hi @a_j_variety_in

We enrolled in this program at the beginning of 2018. We were not entirely unsatisfied with this program but felt as a manufacturer and seller in a niche and specific category this program was of very little help for us.

This program is very generalized, unless things have changed significantly (that’s possible as they were making some changes while we were enrolled) I would not expect specific help tailored to your catalog and definitely don’t expect them to go through your listings and make or even suggest specific improvements.

If you are a seller with a large catalog across categories and sell items with high product rankings within their categories and have margin/not restricted by MAP pricing so that you can take advantage of deal of the day, deal of the week, special event sales and promotions this program might be very useful for you.

Additionally I do think if you are worried about account level problems this program might offer some assistance/recourse.

My biggest complaint was that I didn’t feel there was much information given before signing up so make sure to ask questions, the initial phone call serves as your opportunity to do so before committing to 6 months at the end of that call.

That being said ,when we complained they did listen and do what they could within the perimeters of the program.

Definitely not a scam just know what you are getting into and whether it fits your model.


NOOOOOOOOOOO…was shut down for 8-9 days because a competitor falsely reporting me for bs stuff…my rep even saw the proof…they have no pull whatsoever…literally thought the 2500/month was you know, for that type of " business critical" stuff…but nah…really no help with anythiing…fake feedbacks, shut down,all proofs provided but really nomore help than the horrible regular support


that denotes something useful.


So, it’s a scam?


Yes, it’s a scam.


Oh so now making additional money is a scam? May I ask what you are in business for?


what would have leant you the impression that we had been used by it?? er… we mean, used it…


Amazon fraudulently (not in the legal sense necessarily, but in the common sense) giving the mistaken impression that they are offering value for the $3500 they get—

It would seem most assume that they will get some illegal “leg-up” on the competition for the $3500 paid.

this would not be true.

As Amazon has said nothing to dispute these expectations, we are quite sure that the lazy or gullible or borderline, mystically vile criminally minded (again, not in the legal sense necessarily, but in the common sense) are the ones willing to pony up the cash for the influence.




oh my… we’re blushing…!

Actualllllly though—

absolutely NOT talking down to anyone…
absolutely AM making the point that both-

  1. this program is worthless, at best, for almost all sellers
  2. those that dive in are …probably… in that same group thinking they can get ahead of the rest-of-us in the life boat by pushing us down as it sinks…
  3. paying for access, inside information and monetized influence is NOT okay. and we have no compassion for those who be losing money on such endeavors.

We are not categorizing anyone specifically—
We let them convict themselves, in private, or public discourse.


A while back I was working with someone in Executive Seller Relations and we had a very long conversation about this program. I am hoping she is still working with Amazon as she was truly wonderful and was spearheading this. I had no idea it would be that costly but if it’s within your means, I do believe it will be a benefit to you.


do tell…