We don't sell hover board?


Below is the email we got stating why they are holding our funds. The thing is we don’t sell and never have sold this type of board but they are hold over $50k of our funds and we can’t get an answer to what asin or how long this will be going on? is this standard even though we dont sell this product?


We are conducting a review of customer concerns related to “hoverboards” (battery powered, self-balancing scooters). Because you sold hoverboards, a rolling reserve was applied to funds in your account. The reserve is based on your past sales of hoverboards. Based on your order volume, the amount of the reserve may change daily. When your account balance exceeds the reserve amount, funds will be available per your disbursement schedule. You can view your account balance, estimated disbursement schedule, and reserve amount in the Reports section of Seller Central (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/payments-account/settlement-summary.html).

Thank you for selling on Amazon.com"


Greetings Nord Boards,

In this situation, you will need to contact our Seller Performance team to state that you are not listing hover boards.

Including documentation of the products you are listing may be helpful to Seller Performance during their review.

If you have not done so already, you can submit this information by e-mail to: [seller-perfromance@amazon.com|seller-perfromance@amazon.com]

A member of Seller Performance will contact you directly with additional information.

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What asins did you sell that makes Amazon think they were hover boards?


My guess is they are looking at your souped up skate board and thinking it will have the same liability problems as hover boards did. Justifiably so because they both use large Lithium Ion batterys that don’t like over charging or being drained to far.

In addition you got the liability of some kid falling off and mom blaming you for selling her baby boy (of 16 years old) a dangerous product.

And Amazon will get sucked into these lawsuits along with you.

So yes, I can see why the reserve.

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