We can now use FBA for International Sales?


Just got an email from Amazon saying that we can use FBA for the North American Unified account. Previously, we were only able to do seller fulfilled.

Does this mean the FBA products will still ship from the USA warehouses? If so, does Amazon handle all the export paperwork?

Couldnt really find any info on this.


Please post the content of the email. I have not seen this yet. Also post any embedded URLs.

At this time, because of import regulations, there always needs to be commercial import documents created and presented by a customs broker in that country identifying you/your company as the importer of record. This is a government requirement - not an Amazon requirement, so I do not expect that to change.

I have always used FBA for both Canada and USA, but do this from separate accounts because I have separate companies in each country and because the unified account will automatically re-use the SKU for FBM in the other marketplaces once they are linked. You would need to use different SKUs to prevent that problem.



This what the email says:

Hello from Amazon,
Amazon’s Build International Listings (BIL) tool in North America helps you create and update your product listings across Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon.com.mx.

In addition to self-fulfilled products, BIL can now be used to list your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) products.

To add your FBA products to BIL, simply edit an existing marketplace connection or add a new marketplace. Managing your North America offers is easier if you connect your self-fulfilled and FBA offers with Build International Listings.

For more information, please visit the BIL Seller Central page.



I took a look at it. I see that they have set things up to allow for different FBA vs FBM pricing rather than a single offer for both and to identify the FBA vs FBM fulfillment option. It is my guess that they “may” have addressed the issue with the inventory synchronization when using FBA to properly separate the inventory counts for multiple FBA countries.

There is not anything I could find on the pages that would indicate that anything similar to what is in place in Europe (EFN - European Fulfillment Network) that would allow cross border fulfillment is in place. Since the Canadian and US economies are not federated (as they are in the EU), I do not expect anything that would enable that capability to be in place any time soon. The references only identify that inventory will be inactive until inventory is received in the target marketplace. Meaning, nothing has changed.



I have had FBA sales go to addresses in South America and Australia, and Amazon took care of everything. The shipments went as gifts, so maybe that is the difference. It was a few years ago, so it is not a new service.


This is a bit different.

This is related to the Unified account rather than FBA Export.

They have added additional information into the “Build International Listings” feature to set up listings for FBA. There was a problem previously where if you had FBA, it used the inventory and pricing from one marketplace for the other. That won’t work for FBA on both marketplaces. The outcome was that if you had FBA in US and created Canadian listings, your Canadian listings would use the US FBA inventory counts, but you were not able to fulfill the orders as you needed to use FBA. That required that had separate inventory.

The recommendation was to disable the connection between the marketplaces.

That problem may have been resolved.

I used separate accounts for US and Canada to avoid that problem.

What the OP was hoping for was to be able to use FBA inventory in the US for Canada and/or Mexico.

That is not something that is available. You need to provide separate inventory to each country.

In Europe, they can allow the fulfillment to be used for different marketplaces, but that is because the EU is a federation where there is not inter-country taxes and duties. It is more like states than separate countries without customs requirements between countries.

Between US and Canada, there is different customs requirements. Amazon does not want to get involved in that for third party sellers.

After the Brexit, I expect the EFN (European Fulfillment Network) will take the UK out and require imports.



Would love to have this capability. As it is, if you think you can compete in the global market, you can always set yourself up with an exporter, and just “eat” any lost international costs.

So you have everything stocked in FBA. Sync your products across the international sites. And then dropship fulfillment orders to an export broker. But again, you’ll have to eat whatever extra costs that you can’t or won’t forward to the customer.

Looking forward to the day when FBA simply brokers all those orders themselves. I’d happily pay an extra handling fee to have it done that way. :slight_smile:


Dave is exactly correct.

FBA Export

+Let Amazon identify your export-eligible inventory on your Amazon home marketplace for international customers to purchase.+


Amazon chooses the items in your inventory for FBA Export. The number of available listing continues to grow. Your only option is to +Exclude Products+.



You want to be careful of different labeling laws for different countries.
Food for example, there are strict labeling laws for food and they are different for Canada and the U.S. Any liquid product is going to be sold in Canada under ml not ounces.

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