We are restricting shipments from new-to-FBA sellers to ensure we have the


Hey everyone, I got my amazon account and I got all the items I had for sale up into their system, and I wanted to send in my first FBA shipment, and I get this message: “We are restricting shipments from new-to-FBA sellers to ensure we have the capacity necessary to receive and store inventory and to ship products to customers quickly. If you have not completed your first shipment to Amazon before October 10, 2016, we encourage you to start shipping to Amazon after December 19, 2016. We encourage you to continue selling on Amazon and fulfilling orders directly to customers. We apologize for any inconvenience. If the situation changes before December 19, 2016, we will notify you by e-mail. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Is there absolutely nothing I can do from here? Any help would be highly appreciated.


Nope, nothing to do here except plan on shipping in late December to make sales in early 2017.


Found myself in the exact same situation :expressionless:


Yes, there absolutely IS something you can do. You can…

-Boycott amazon and spend your holiday dollars elsewhere

-Speak up on social media, trend hashtags #boycottamazon and #****amazon

-Return any recently purchased amazon merchandise

-Cancel your prime subscription and even kindle select subscriptions


It does not look like there are any Amazon options.

You might need to consider other third party fulfillment or logistics services and price your products accordingly.



Sorry you got caught in this, but there is a reason for it.

Brand new sellers are responsible for most of the unsold/unsellable goods at the clogged warehouses.They send up way more inventory that will sell in a month and many of them order garbage off AliBaba, self brand it, and thousands of units sit there for months.

Last year my restocks from stuff that did sell sat in the yard for 3 weeks and weren’t put up till after Christmas, and this is why.

I’m just sorry they didn’t announce it a little sooner.

But you can merchant fulfill, which is a better way to start until your listings get indexed anyways. Then you will know what is going to move fast and send that to FBA.

Longtail inventory should never be sent there - you end up losing money in storage fees.


Ta, ta.



We’ll get right on that.


Brand new sellers pay fees like everyone else. Sears offers free listing and fulfillment until you make 400 dollars in sales. I am taking my money elsewhere.


I suggest that you try to do both.

I tried Sears over Christmas last year and was VERY disappointed. I am talking about less than 5% of my Amazon sales. It was not worth my time.

Nobody shops there.

Saving on fees (for a little while) and seeing very little business in not good long term.

Sears has not yet figured out how to do an online business - and they should have by now since they have had catalog sales forever.

Don’t cut off your nose (or in this case, your entire head) in spite.

I also appreciate the fact that Amazon did this at the last moment with no notice. However, no-one with any business sense waits till October to prepare for their Christmas business.

You should look into other fulfillment services. There are many and get prepared to start again at the beginning of the year and don’t ever leave anything to the last minute again.



Wow, Dave! I did not know Sear’s even existed any more.

The Sear’s store in the town I grew up in closed long ago, and the Sear’s mail order catalogues, which I studied quite carefully, while growing up, have not been published in years. We need to show these youn’uns how it used to be.

Sears was a huge mail-order house that also had b&m stores all over the US. Sears sent out a great mail order catalogue a couple of times a year. It was about 2-3 inches thick. You bought the item in the catalogue by sending a letter by USPS mail to Sears, which was based in or near Chicago, as I recall. Delivery time for the items you ordered by mail was 4-6 weeks.

Everything was in the Sear’s catalogue. Looking at it was an education in itself, and I have been told, a source of wiping paper if one used an out house.

How else would I have known what a truss was when I was 9?

Sears is part of American history. My grandparents, who lived on a farm some of the year, depended on Sears for everything they could not buy locally. Now, they would be avid Amazon customers!

Wikipedia Sears. I am sure the mods would disallow a link. It is an interesting read.


Sears is located in Chicago, in Sears Tower.

It’s the tallest building in the city.

I was on the IBM Account Team. While they held my National Technical Support job in Dallas for a full year, I wrote their merchandising application to run on a network of mid-range systems.

I was awarded for the effort, but more went to a nasty, back stabbing SE. Why? Only because I was leaving, and she was staying.

It’s an interesting place to spend a year or so of your life.



They used to be located in the sears tower. Not any more. They sold it and moved. It is now the Willis Tower


Nothing to do. Evidently Amazon is having severe warehouse space problems and they are trying to slow down shipments across the board. Even I got a notice that I “should” only send in items that will be sold in 2016, and to wait until December 19 to send items to be sold in 2017. I don’t know if they will restrict my shipments like they have with yours or not.

Sorry, not the best introduction to FBA.


One of the high points of my life as a child was when the Sears Christmas Toy catalog arrived in the mail.


I state this having no clue what you intended to sell here.

There is a good side to this for you, believe it or not. I have never had great holiday sales via FBA because anything that sells gets jumped-on at this time of year and too much competition brings prices down. You can start sending in shipments on December 20th, which is great timing for gift card sales. For the last two years of FBA, I have had better sales throughout January and into Feb. than in Nov. or Dec. Perhaps the other sellers are out or near out by then on lots of stock or maybe it’s that customers who receive gift cards like what I sell, or both of course.

There’s an entire market out there waiting so definitely don’t walk and forget about FBA. In the meantime, list your items MF - not everyone is a Prime member and often non-Prime customers prefer to save on shipping and purchase multiple items that you sell, which works if you set shipping as price based and not per item charge.


Figures. Anything to make a buck.

I left Chicago in 1984.



Man, this sucks!


Your point?


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