We are getting an error on Get Lowest Priced Offers For SKU


We have been using the GetLowestPricedOffersForSKURequest API to get the information you have on some of our products. This has worked fine for a while, but now, every once in a while we are getting the error “xxxx is an invalid SKU for marketplace YYYYYYYY”. Does this mean that the product is something you don’t think we should be selling? Why not? How do we correct this? Thanks.


You might want to record the request information including the request id when you get that error and open a case with Amazon Support.


I think you could probably figure it out if you closely examined your SKU data, check for suppression by Amazon, gated brand, etc.

Also have you ever looked to see if

  • The SKU might be miss typed
  • The SKU contains a character that breaks the call
  • Something in your call contains a character that breaks the call