Way to have A-to-Z removed?


Hi. Is there any way to have an A-to-Z claim already deducted from my account. I don’t care about the money but only removing the ding.

What happened was I had to drop ship a book to a customer because I could not find it in my storage.( The customer sent an email saying she hadn’t received the book, there was no tracking number and she didn’t want a refund at this time as the book might still show up. I tried to get a tracking number from the seller to no avail. I would have been perfectly happy to give her a refund.at any time, but she filed and was granted an A-to-Z claim. (I only received one email from Amazon - stating they had deducted the money from my account.)’

Does anyone know how I can appeal this claim to possibly have the ding removed from my metrics?

I do have an appeal button,


Is is highly unlikely that it will be removed as you can’t prove that you shipped the item.


I’m mystified as to why you think an A-z claim ding for non-receipt, where the customer claims non-receipt and you can’t prove otherwise, could possibly be removed.

bunga bunga!


bunga bunga, I know, I know… Just upset that the customer filed an A to Z claim when I would have actually refunded right away when I learned she didn’t receive the item, but she stated emphatically that she didn’t want a refund. I mean, it was… my mistakes, but had to try and see what could be done…


Where did you try to buy your book to fulfill the order? Sounds like the other seller needs to refund you and may have earned a neg.


You can only appeal, it can’t be “removed” Just because you don’t like it.


It was from a very large bookseller, and they have already given me a refund.


I know right. Sigh. This is one of those things that can’t be changed, just have to learn from it and move on.