Was Amazon hacked? Many listings now showing a "Guy Fawkes" mask


CONFIRMED: I bought a Guy Fawkes mask and lost 35 pounds!!! 5 stars!


They use hacked Chinese software. I get Chinese symbols popping up on my screen.


This is diabolical. My Guy-Fawkes-Mask Contingency Plan only covers the 5th of November. This is a month late! There’s no Contingency Plan for the Guy-Fawkes-Mask Contingency Plan.


Yep. I bought two. I can’t tell you what the Guy Fawkes mask is doing for me, but my ex-wife is really missing out.


Also don’t follow Amazon’s advice to do nothing when they leak your account info. Change your email, password and make sure two factor authentication for login is enabled.


Time Warner should file an IP infringement on these listings since they own the Guy Fawkes image.


Yup’. It’s all about sabotaging listings during Christmas time. It’s unfortunate that Amazon doesn’t have a more active response to these saboteurs.


I am in NJ and we have like 5 point check to get driver license. Amazon should adopt similar method for all seller. For international sellers the point system should be more rigorous. There should be some down time from when they open account to when the account go live. They should also be limited to a few categories and have to provide invoices upfront. Once we have that all these fraudulent sellers will disappear and we wont have these issues.


these listings seem fixed now but the fact such things happen here is disturbing…you know, because of the obvious vulnerability.

by the way, the symbols for forum post LIKE, EDIT, etc are no longer displaying properly on my tablet…anyone else seeing this? looks fine on pc and was fine on my tablet until a few days ago…



So, if I order one of these weight loss products and it doesn’t come with a Guy Fawkes mask, do I get a refund? :wink:


We were contemplating buying in to the Guy-Fawkes-Mask Contingency Plan, but we entertained bids from a couple of other providers…

We ended up going with the Zombie-Apocalypse theme park take-over Survival Plan (after rejecting the Counter-Zombie Dominance Plan based on a cost-return review)

Although still nervous about the potential gap protection loss for those areas between the Guy-Fawkes-Mask Contingency and Zombie-Apocalypse theme park take-over Survival Plans, we do feel comfortable from a risk-reward orientation (with 99% aversion to eternal undead outcomes), that we made a fully compatible selection for our particular neurosis level…

but that’s just us.


Totally agree with you on that.

More than likely its poor coding on the forum doing that. Make sure your tablet has everything up to date.


This review was not a Verified Purchase, I don’t trust it.


Based on what people say here in the forums you will get a refund and their seller account will be suspended.


I’m totally surprised they didn’t make you provide a link to the manufacturer’s website to prove the image was wrong.


Another large attack again. People’s listings are either guy fawkes masks or dogs of amazon. Businesses are being ruined as we speak. This is absolutely insane.


Any specific types of products this time? :worried:


Mostly keto/diet related products. I have a friend who was hit pretty hard. All masks and some of his listings are just straight up gone. And for the people above who were saying it has to do with passwords and hacking - this isn’t the case. This is someone who is bulk changing images and selectively merging/deactivating specific listings it looks like .they might be hitting a bunch at once to cover his motive/main purpose of the attack


Oh, I hate to hear that because these were the same products hit before as noted above. How has your friend interacted with Amazon about it? What have they said?