Walmart to Match Prices of Amazon 3P Merchants


No problem–it’s an easy mistake to make.

But I think a better strategy, instead of sending empty fake Xboxes, to game the policy would be, per my edited post above–just low-ball the price and gouge on shipping if you have an account where you can set your own shipping charges. If Wal-Mart isn’t taking the shipping charges into account why couldn’t you list an XBox at a penny and charge $399 for shipping?


That’s true. I got a $60 waterproof phone case awhile ago from Staples for $24 through their Amazon price-matching. Now every time I shop at Staples I look the item up on my phone first–I’ve saved a ton of money and gotten the item immediately instead of waiting for Amazon to ship.


Bribing a buyer to remove feedback is a fast track ticket to bantown.


First of all I said nothing about scamming or stealing. You should learn to read then try your hand at posting. But since you brought it up if you list an item for a low price to force Walmart to match it but you have no intention to actually sell said item for that price then that is indeed fraud and illegal. Hard to prove maybe but illegal and will put your Amazon seller account at risk. I don’t know about you but to me it’s not worth risking the hundreds of thousands of dollars I make selling on Amazon just to get a cheap Xbox that I can easily afford anyway. As far as your justification for stealing from Walmart there are plenty of people that have their own justifications for stealing from 3rd party sellers on Amazon. So according to you that ok too.


That is one thing a lot of these posters are forgetting. Any store owner or manager in the good ole USA has the right to refuse you service. Period.


I understand that but some people reading it might not.


Who knows, perhaps Walmart anticipated that Amazon scammers will take advantage and there will be quite a few disappointed AMAZON customers …


Even with the “sold by Amazon” … on some listings Amazon keeps following 3P sellers down to take back the Buy Box from them … but at least they set a minimum price where they stop.


Let’s see how long each side can keep it up.

Amazon will now have to hunt for such scammers instead of pulling DVDs and Toys LOL …

many have to be new accounts … not too many long term sellers will want to blow up their accounts this way … although with the return tricks they might even be able to fulfill and make some money.


Yes, I noticed that also. It is doable.

Too bad that I am not cut out for this and there is no Walmart nearby anyway.


Don’t worry, I am not judging. As long as you do not disappoint yourself, the Amazon customer and you do not lose much money or any money at all, go for it.

Even if they did this online matching also, I would not want to submit cases for each and every purchase.
I am assuming that returns directly at the customer support counter and price matching in person really wins out for this run.

But I would need to drive for hours to find a Walmart so it only has theoretical interest for me.

Besides, there is only one way to play with shipping fees on my type of account and Amazon would not like that.


That was a joke I wouldn’t actually do that


Read the fine print.

A: Yes, however the Store Manager has the final approval on any “Online Price Match”. -

I would think the store manager would be turning down some lowball offers on Amazon from 3p vendors.


Sorry about that, I read that as fullfilled by Amazon, Heh. But either way, this new policy if there is a more then 20.00 difference has to be approved by a supervisor.


Yes there will be thousands of disappointed Amazon customers, but Wal-mart will be out of hundreds of thousands of actual dollars, depending on how wide spread it is. Do they care? Don’t know.


You’re right that most of these things will be from new seller accounts. However, I think you could probably pull this off with your own account if you are careful. By doing it in the middle of the night where there are no Amazon customers, and you only have the listing up for a few minutes, just long enough to get the price match and then take it down. Or an obscure listing of the same item you want, there are certainly enough seller created dup pages out there. Or as a lot of people are suggesting, just charge enormous shipping to scare off potential Amazon buyers.


I think you are making this harder than it needs to be.
Last year all you had to do is tell the clerk at check out that the item was cheaper at xxxx, and the clerk adjusted the price to match. They took your word for it.
No need to return anything, they adjusted the price at check-out.

If you went to the clerk with your smart phone showing the item Amazon listing and the clerk might adjust the price so you would only pay the lower price.

I didn’t read the details and this year might be different but last year it was an honor system.


Last year they just lowered the price.
Lets say you where buying a ream of paper for $10.00, all you would have to do is tell the clerk Office Depot has this ream of paper for $6.00 and the clerk would ring it up at $6.00.
This year might be different.

I guess you could find something you wanted to buy and while at the store, list on Amazon at a lower price (offset with higher shipping), then take the item up to the check out and could get the item for that lower price… (then list it at a higher price on Amazon).

Maybe Walmart factored in the fact people will abuse, scam and game the system but feel they will make more in the long run… or no one at Walmart has to sell on Amazon and don’t know what they are getting themselves into.


Sorry, it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular.

It was just a general comment.

is there a way to comment without it being directed at someone?

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I’m going to do it on principle. It just has to be something I am comfortable at shipping that i wouldn’t mind keeping for myself if it didn’t sell.