Walmart to Match Prices of Amazon 3P Merchants



And yet they refuse to price match against their own website or other Wal-Mart stores.


If all you sell is new, common products well then welcome to your future. It is only going to get worse. Walmart is not only planning to match your prices they are also working on a plan to put delivery drivers in their stores so that can provide same day delivery for internet orders. You can bet Target and other retailers are looking into similar programs. Add to that the fact that more and more manufactures are starting to sell their own products themselves on Amazon and the future is pretty bleak for 3rd party sellers whose model revolves new and common products. I know a lot of people don’t want to here this but we are not far from a time when the only way for 3rd party sellers to make a living will be selling niche products, out of print/out of production items and used items. If you want to survive now would be the time to start adjusting your business model.


So… I’ll be in Walmart with my phone and my finger over the “save price” button for that TV I wanted… Better sure as heck hope no one else buys it!

Eh, I can absorb a negative feedback to save $1,000. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK OK I won’t really do that… $500 only.


This new Wal-Mart policy sure bit them hard yesterday. A third party seller listed tons of XBox Ones for under a hundred dollars. People were flocking to Walmart for the price matches. A friend told me his cousin was there getting one, I said no way was Wal-mart going to price match a third party. Guess I was wrong, they got one. I guess all the Wal-marts in town sold out of all xbox ones last night as the seller kept relisting them by the hundreds. Of course it was a just launched seller, certainly just a scammer. Amazon finally caught on and deleted all their listings, but I can’t imagine how many units Wal-mart gave away for $60-$100.


This Walmart policy probably won’t last long. It’s all over Facebook already. Apparently Walmart didn’t realize one important thing - some 3p sellers list at a real lowballed price, but jack the shipping charge way up. Wamart is matching the actual product price, shipping not included. Somebody mentioned getting a huge bottle of Tide detergent for a penny, listed on AZ by a seller who was charging $15 for shipping.

And one poster mentioned putting up scam listings on AZ to get stuff cheaper at Walmart -


The sellers who get hurt the worst would probably be FBA sellers and the mega selling FBMs. Selling online is turning in to a real mine field all the way around.


What is there to stop a 3rd party from listing an item WHILE THEY ARE IN WAL-MART? This is a retail arbitrage nightmare.
So I see something that I want to buy at Wal-Mart, buy it at Wal-Mart’s price. List it on Amazon at some ridiculously low price, buy the “cheap” version at Wal-Mart–(now I have two) without even leaving the store-RETURN the item that cost more immediately. I would say that Wal-Mart deserves it for going-after 3ps.


If there is a loophole to be found, fast scammers will find it and sneak through!

Perhaps it was the brother of the Walmart executive who instituted this new change.


I think it will start happening a lot, probably already has been. I didn’t bother going to try and get a xbox, it just felt like stealing to me, and I didn’t really believe WM was giving a $400 discount on them. I’m sure we will see an article in the next day or two about it. I would like to know how many discounted units they ended up selling, it could be a staggering amount. The information was probably posted on lots of forums so the gamers knew about it early. I didn’t find out about it until it was almost at an end. There will be a lot of pissed off Amazon customers. The seller had to list thousands of units to keep it up for as long as it was. I was checking to see how fast they were selling. I saw them going at a rate of 2 a minute for quite a while. At the end, they were moving at 10 a minute, but that might have been when Amazon saw what was happening and was deleting them.


That still doesnt stop someone from sending in bogus items inside a box, the size of an xbox and listing it low and then go and buy out Walmarts stock at a very low price and then abandon the account.

Walmart will abandon this very soon I think. There is no way to match lowest price online, because there is to many ways to scam and get a lower price on just about anything.


I’m pretty sure if you cut the customer in on the deal you’ll get the feedback removed,

dear customer, please provide us your paypal account so we can issue you a $100 “gift”

please remove the feedback :wink:

on the walmart thing, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen, thank you walmart CEO the laugh was much needed this morning.


At the time, I didn’t know WM had put a policy like this into effect. I also knew for certain that the Amazon seller was just a scammer, we all see something like this often enough to know it when you see it. (If its to good to be true…)

If I had known that WM had this actual policy, then I might have went for it. Although by the time I learned about it, I was told there were long lines at the stores of people trying to get it, and that some had already sold out.


Staples has a similar policy, but they only allow price matching of 'sold by Amazon" products, and not 3P sellers. I bet Wal-Mart will amend their policy pretty quickly.


These are the same tactics that were used a few years ago when Best Buy tried to do this. Best Buy abandoned the policy in like a week. I wouldn’t expect Walmart to do the same though. Walmart has must deeper pockets and a better understanding of how much they stand to gain when they get it right. It’s actually an easy problem for Walmart to solve. They can set a minimum price or take the 5 lowest New prices and match an average of those five.


It would not be a “scam” or “stealing” to take Wal-Mart up on their offer IF we have the item in stock.
Buy xbox at Wal-mart. List your xbox for a penny w/50 dollar shipping. Buy another one at Wal-Mart, but this time for a penny. RETURN the 1st one. Then either give one of your customers a great deal, give them a slightly less greater deal by raising your amazon price, or just remove your listing.
HOW DOES WAL-MART NOT DESERVE THIS? Here is something current that shows their policy


I think this would be a great way to market 3ps! We could even have a little badge or THANKS WALMART thingy and get the word out that Wal-Mart is screwing the smallest of small businesses here. And sell our Wal-Mart goodies for xtra cheap. Guess the trick would be finding something that we are allowed to sell.


well I’m going to be a bitch about this no scamming involved-and I plan on trying to find something really nice that I can buy, sell, return,…and if I can do all of that I will post it on Small Business Saturday lol.

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If it is done correctly there is no need to disappoint customers! Have the item in stock and be prepared to sell AND ship promptly. (shipping handling cost accordingly)–Wal-Mart states that shipping cost is NOT included in their price match.


Did you not understand my post? It’s not possible to price-match at Staples with 3P products–they will only price match “SOLD BY AMAZON”–not FBA, not 3P sellers, ONLY Amazon.

Wal-Mart evidently has a different policy, but I was only commenting that Wal-Mart will probably quickly change their policy. The other issue is that many Amazon sellers also game shipping–low-ball the item price and gouge on shipping–Wal-Mart obviously failed proper due-diligence before implementing the policy.

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