Walmart to Amazon Shipping


Thankfully the bar to entry is only $39.99 on a CC, and a water bill.


I have a rock for sale at wholesale pricing…I made a master class about the whole process. Begin your journey today!


Will you bar code and ship said rocks to Amazon for me? :rofl:


That’s what im saying. Weird that people are supposedly getting accounts shut down. I worked at a BJ’s and guy would order things from our store and pick it up and bring it to amazon. I dont see the difference other than having shipped rather than bring it your self.


Well, look at the rules that @supertrain just posted. It specifically calls out

Purchasing products from another online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers, if the shipment does not identify you as the seller of record or if anyone other than you (including the other online retailer) appears on packing slips, invoices, or external packaging

as prohibited. Obviously a lot of sellers are doing it anyway.


Can you quote where in the Amazon seller agreement it states that you can only sell products from authorized distributors? Here’s an Amazon forum post of a manufacturer trying to get a seller banned for doing retail arb on their products, and Amazon telling them there is nothing they can do. Exclusive distributor

Please quit spewing opinionated hate towards new sellers and stick to the facts. Just because a business model is too risky for you does not mean it’s not viable or allowed on Amazon.


You need an education that you don’t have yet. You probably won’t get much help on this forum. Research Jim Cockrum, BUT DO IT FAST. Amazon and their fanboys won’t leave this post up for long.


Yeah, I get all of my news and business advice from the flat earth reptilians on YouTube. They’ve never steered me wrong.


Um, Why wouldn’t people just go to the Walmart site and buy their own junk instead of paying you a cut?
This happened to me many years ago when I still believed that everything was cheaper on Amazon. I ordered something on Amazon and it came in a Walmart box. After checking the Walmart site, I realized that I paid $14.99 for an item that I could have purchased directly from Walmart for $9.99. This is why I check all websites now when making a purchase, and usually find myself purchasing from elsewhere.


Is this a prank post? No one can be that naive …can they?


I bought some Drano from an Amazon seller a few weeks ago, with free shipping, and it came in a Walmart box with no indication it was sold and shipped by an Amazon 3P seller. I looked up the product on Walmart’s website, where it was indeed less expensive, but would have incurred shipping charges had I purchased it there.
This seller seems to be satisfied with very thin margins after Amazon’s fees. I was not pleased to received a drop-shipped item from Walmart, so I called Amazon and reported the situation. They immediatedy offered a refund, which I did not accept, since I had received the item for which I had paid.
Noticed the seller disappeared for a few days, but they are now back at it with a 40% negative rating from buyers, most of whem complained they had not received the items they ordered, or that their shipment was from Walmart.

OP, this is not a good business model.


Everyone, just “relax”. The new guy has it all figured out (expect for the most basic questions), which is what those of you responding with 15+ years of experience selling on Amazon don’t understand.


I’m by no means defending the OP or their ridiculous plan, but there’s plenty of folks who won’t shop at Walmart for multiple reasons, but don’t have the same reservations with Amazon (so they don’t bother doing the research, or too lazy, or too busy…).


This isn’t something you can do (and this is without going into the Amazon Terms of Service hoops you’d have to avoid like an Operation Buzzer). It’s just not physically possible to have them ship to Amazon and you be credited for the inventory.

With FBA, Amazon tells you where you send the product, you don’t choose which fulfillment center you want to ship to, Amazon tells you. Additionally, unless you are comingling your product (which I would highly recommend against doing so) you have to label all items you send with the FNSKU, this is something Walmart will not do for you. Additionally there has to be a Fulfillment Center Label on each box. Again, this is something Walmart will not include.


Ya it’s right here when the rights holder, buyer or another seller report you and you have to provide this to get your money and or inventory back.
" * Multiple warnings of IP infringement. If you have received multiple warnings of IP infringement and you believe you are selling non-infringing products, submit an appeal via Seller Central with the following information:

A list of the allegedly infringing ASINs and at least one of the following, as applicable:

a. Invoices proving the authenticity of your products (you may remove pricing information); OR

b. Amazon order IDs demonstrating product authenticity; OR

c. An authorization letter from the rights owner (cannot be a forwarded email); OR

d. A court order finding that your product does not infringe the asserted IP, or that the asserted IP is invalid or unenforceable."
You can’t get any of those things from RA.

From 2013? Really? Perhaps you could contact the thousands of sellers who have had their inventory destroyed and money kept since 2013 and let them know how to proceed and that @JwsMarket is incorrect.

The fact remains, thousands of sellers have had their inventory seized and monies kept from doing RA sales on Amazon. This is fact.

" * Sellers are expected to follow the law. Amazon takes claims of IP infringement seriously. Even if a seller is infringing IP without knowledge, we will still take action and the seller’s account might receive a warning or be suspended. You should consult an attorney for help to ensure that you have the right procedures in place to prevent IP infringement."


You could pay Walmart employees to process your FBA stuff also, not during their work hours of course, but during their lunch breaks. The back of Walmart could be your own private processing center. That eliminates the need for a warehouse or even employees. If you run out of stickers or tape, even printer toner, just buy it from Walmart. Its like this problem has solved itself. Wait, why didn’t I think of this?


They wouldn’t care where it’s from. They have authorized sellers they allow to sell their product and they keep track of who that is. As far as they would be concerned real product, isn’t real because you don’t have their permission to sell it.


We Do Not Enforce

Detail Page Ownership and Image Restrictions:

Exclusive or Selective Distribution: Amazon respects a manufacturer’s right to enter into exclusive distribution agreements for its products. However, violations of such agreements do not constitute intellectual property rights infringement. As the enforcement of these agreements is a matter between the manufacturer and the retailers, it would not be appropriate for Amazon to assist in enforcement activities.

Please review the Amazon Intellectual Property Policy to learn more about different infringement types.


Phineas Taylor Barnum famously had something to say about that…

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Better quit while you are ahead. You do not understand Amazon at all. Have you been watching the training videos on YouTube??