Waiting for Developer ID for more than 90 days (Pending Amazon action)


Same with us, it’s been over two months now with no response. Case: 843567596223

Usually how long it take to reply the case?

Hi @Parvathm_mws my case (ID 6531408891) was opened over 60 days ago but there’s been no initial response. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


We applied more than 90 days ago as well and have not received an initial reply.

I have been updating the case every month asking for an update but nothing.

Can anybody please help?

Case Id: 6496196541


We applied over 90 days ago. Still waiting on a response after they initially requested more information. Case ID is 6444593621. @Parvathm_mws @Rick_MWS

Developer applying for MWS Credentials pending for more than 3 months

Waiting since 7/29. Case ID 6301039371.

@Parvathm_mws @Rick_MWS


We’ve been waiting since 10-2, so 97 days with no response. Is there a way to escalate? Case ID: 6482623151 @Parvathm_mws @Rick_MWS


If it is software you have written, then you will need to wait. Amazon wants to review your use and environment. They are probably getting a lot of requests, and now that they are being much more careful, it is backing up the review process.

Depending on your needs, working with a 3rd party integrator could be a good idea. They would be able to push data to your systems using their tools and environment. And if you need something custom, they could probably find a way to accommodate your needs.


We’ve been waiting since June - almost 7 months with no reply - Case ID 6172298291 ‘Pending Amazon Action’ @Parvathm_mws @Rick_MWS

Change from secondary user to seller account

We have been using our developer account no problem for the past 3 years. And we suddenly can’t buy shipping through MWS. We have many customers waiting solutions from Amazon.

Case ID 6765103481


Shipping includes PII and you no longer qualify to see that most likely. :frowning:

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