Waiting for Developer ID for more than 90 days (Pending Amazon action)


We are waiting for the Developer ID for more then 90 days overall and more 40 days since the last reply from Amazon. Our Plan of Action has been accepted and implemented a long time ago already.
Anybody can give some advise on how to speed up things and finally obtain the Developer ID. How it can be escalated?


No Response for my MWS Developer Account
Is something going on with MWS Onboarding?
MWS Developer Registration and Assessment pending since June 2019
Waiting for Developer ID for more than 60 days (Pending Amazon action)
MWS Registration

Create a case asking them about it and reply to it every couple of days. Don’t forget that the change requires new code and it has to be put into the push rotation. I think that happens every 30 days, and there are times when they will not push any code like around the holidays and Prime Days in July.


Thanks for your reply. Just to confirm, you are proposing to create a separate case along with already exising one and keep them both open?


If you have one, keep adding to it. Not daily, but every few days. If it has been 40 days, that is more than enough time for them to decide. You want them to know that it matters to you, but not be overly pushy.


You might double-check to see if you already have it, I wouldn’t put it past Amazon to forget to mention it to you.

If not, I would be careful with unnecessary responses to the case. Although I would consider asking for an update every month or so, I would be afraid anything more frequent would just keep putting it to the back of the line. Opening multiple cases would run the same or worse risk of delaying everything even further.

This has become a very slow process, I’m not sure there is really anything you can do to speed it up.


Thanks guys for your feedback. Really appreciate it.
Maybe someone from Amazon will take a look on this topic as well…


@Evan_MWS I saw you’ve replied in the similar thread on this forum several days ago.
Could you please help us to resolve our issue as well:
We’ve opened a case (#6022232761) to get the Developer ID more then 90 days ago already. We have made all the necessary changes requested by Amazon in order to comply with Amazon policies. Our Plan of Action has been accepted by Amazon a long time ago and we have fully implemented it.
At the moment we don’t have any answer from Amazon in our case for more then 60 days.

Please understand that as a company with a running web application, we cannot function/ move forward without an active developer ID.

Thank you in advance!


Adding other Amazon moderators to this thread as well:

Could you please help us to get the response on our case. We are don’t have any response in our case for more then 60 days already and we are waiting for developer ID for more then 120 days.



Adding Rick and Parvathi here as well @Rick_MWS @Parvathm_mws



Sorry for the time taking to update your case. Someone from MWS will update your case as soon as possible.


Thank you so much Parvathi! We did receive a note about reactivating our Developer ID earlier today.
We really appreciate your help in our case!


Hi Parvathi @Parvathm_mws ,

Could you also please look into our issue? We’ve been waiting for Amazon’s response for 3 months. It would be great if we could get some kind of feedback and receive an escalation of this case.


It has been more than a month and I am still waiting Amazon to activate my MWS Developer Account.
I sent many messages through the “Contact us” form but there is a radio silence here.
Is there anything I can do for that?


Hey Rick and Pavathi, are you able to look into our case? We’ve been waiting for over 30 days, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

@Parvathm_mws @Rick_MWS


Here is the Case ID 6396178861



Sorry for the time taking to update your cases.
The cases will be updated in the order they received.
Appreciate your patience.


Hey, thanks for the reply. Is it normal for the application to take longer than 30 days?


Why did you need your Developer ID reactivated though?

2 Months Since Registering as a Developer - haven't heard back

also our case is awaiting response from MWS Team: ( Case ID6516933501 ).

there is any update ?


@Rick_MWS @Parvathm_mws

Can you look at our case 5897342041.