VTR tracking still not required items under $10?


Is this policy still valid. No tracking required (FBM) on items mailed in envelope with stamp for under $10 including shipping?
This is the Amazon policy posted on site today. Thanks

" The following items are not included in the VTR calculation:

  • Freight items: Domestic items shipped by freight with a carrier not integrated with Amazon.
  • Small/Flat items: Domestic items (such as screen protectors and greeting cards) that cost less than $10 (including shipping charges) and are shipped in Standard Mail envelopes or First Class Mail envelopes.


I’ve emailed seller support at least 6 times asking this question. I only receive a bot message stating the VTR policy without addressing items under $10 mailed with a stamp issue. Did this change?

I can’t get a straight answer, other than from Amazon sellers telling me I should buy tracking for stickers and small itrem that can ship with a stamp. I’m wondering what Amazons policy is right now. Can an Amazon rep please reply? Thanks


You should not do this. Six times might get you suspended for harassing Seller Support.

As you mentioned, it is still published as an exemption.

Does Amazon allow you to confirm the shipment without tracking? As of yesterday, they are now supposed to validate it. I would assume this test alone would be some proof that nothing has changed.


I think that the policy changed actually yesterday. There was an announcement earlier on the year about it. Upcoming changes in shipment confirmation


I have been confirming shipping carrier WITHOUT a tracking number and shipping is confirmed on orders under $10 including shipping mailed in envelope with stamp.I mai;led 3 items today USPS and was able to confirm without a tracking number. I did not get a warning. I wish I could get a straight answer from Amazon as my tracking has dropped into the 40s from over 95%, An Amazon rep on here told me not to worry, that it would be recalculated when they realize it was for items under $10.


Thanks for your reply!


You’re a much more established seller than I am, so i doubt that I can give you any advice that you don’t know. Only my sympathy, which you have and this:

Never trust seller support, they have no idea of what they’re saying. They just want to close the case.


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Thank you, I just realized the first 4 emails did not have the - in seller-support. so they did not receive them. Lucky for me!


Emails, you mean opening a case…right?


Thank you! I haven’t posted much on here. I’ve always just called seller support. But, no more : (


I just email seller support. I don’t believe it opens a case. I just had questions.


Yes, it allows me to confirm items under $10 without tracking, so maybe I’m OK.


I didn’t even realize you could click on the user name to see someoines start date. You’ve been selling longer than me! I actually get embarrased asking these kind of questions, but things change so much and Amazon seems to have no mercy sometimes. Even of the policy states I’m following policy, they can suspend my account and may not even reply to my pleas. I get very nervous about messing up on Amazon.