Volume listing Fee


the pitfalls of automated drop-shipping accounts


Only $500?


Maybe next month it will double :thinking:



If it were me I would delete any ASIN that hadn’t sold in 8 months and then call them and tell them you have learned your lesson and plead for mercy


You don’t get reimbursed because it was correctly charged. If you have reduced your number of listings to less than 100,000, you won’t be charged in the future but you don’t back money for past charges.

Actually, with the way they calculate it you will be charged once more for this month as you were a little late removing them. Perhaps the “pleading for mercy” will prevent the next charge since you removed ASINs so early in this month. This is assuming that you are under 1000’000.

It is ridiculous that you have so many ASINs listed that haven’t sold a single unit for over a year (if at all). Sellers like you are the reason the catalog is so bloated with junk. Amazon should raise the fee and lower the limit to less than 100,000. If the ASINs actually sell there would not be a HVL fee, it is only sellers listing dead weight that would be penalized.


Wow, I had no idea titles could be this long.


Dose that mean you listed over 100,000 items that have not been sold for more than 12 month? What for? Draging down the search engine?:sweat_smile:


Everything ls functioning properly. Sellers who hurt the catalog are paying fines for doing so. I shall sleep well tonight. All is right with the world.

…except some programmer forgot to put a reasonable length limit on the thread title, That is the most important problem discussed in this thread.


should charge them for $5,000, that’s going to teach them a lesson for listing spamming.


what is the point having listings that never sell anything? Amazon should charge you $5000. Amazon should work on bringing down the clutter. They should delete adds without a sale after a time period. No sympathy here.


I didn’t know it was possible to have that many listings, let alone that many with no sales for 12 MONTHS!

I hover around 1400 listings with many new products that sell out and then get removed and replaced with new products. But I do have a few that don’t sell, and I have been weeding those out because the ones that are FBA are costing me fees and the ones that are FBM are taking up valuable space in my own storage area.

Then I saw the one post above that said this was a drop-shipper. I don’t care how much potential profit there is for whatever short time someone might get away with it, that’s not for me. I have now several better options to keep my inventory and sales growing.


Actually to be charged $500 the OP has 200,000 ASINs listed that have not sold a single unit by any seller in at least 12 months.

Who knows how many ASINs he has listed total if you count the ones that somebody has sold at least 1 unit of in the past 12 months.


it sucks, idle items just jeopardize sales and search engine. 200,000+ items not having been sold for 12 months. That’s pointless effort to me. What’s the angle? I think $500 is way too cheap. On some professional industrial website, they charge you $100 for single product listing for 6 months.


They are dropshipping items from other sellers and have 0 inventory of anything basically just playing a money game.


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But the items have had no sales by any seller for at least a year. They must be picking items at the very bottom of category ranks. :-/


They didn’t understand there would be any fees and so having millions of products listed wouldn’t matter as it really did not cost them much to track the items; no doubt in my mind these Indians rigged up a few bots to monitor lowest price competitors and priced whatever % above them they could and closed listings when other people sold out.


This doesn’t apply to the OP.

It applies to all those “rotten, scamming” customers who take the “food off our plates,” and still sleep well at night.

Ugh. :rage:



Another sucker who took a seminar is learning how much more it cost.

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