VINE Enrollment Cancellation Locked


What is going on with my VINE enrollment?

I started this over 2 months ago with a tiny amount just to test out the review quality and still haven’t gotten all my VINE reviews and it doesn’t even correlate with the data in the VINE enrollment dashboard.

They wont let me cancel the the enrollment for some reason. I also asked support a month ago and they just keep saying

"Please be informed that at this time I am working with our internal team to reach a resolution on your case. While I don’t currently have an update, I will follow up with you as soon as additional information is available.

Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated in this issue."

What ever that means. but that is what they have been saying to me for the last month now and after i asked them to cancel it, all of a sudden they locked the button for me to do it.


This is the wrong forum for your post


I have had a similar issue but didn’t pursue it.

I enrolled 5 products but after doing so realized I really should have put fewer units. (I put 10-30 for each item enrolled).

I’ve collected 3-5 vine reviews on all these products but vine dashboard only shows 0-2.

I feel like the products I enrolled will never complete the process and as such I won’t be able to enroll new items. I attempted to cancel one of them a few times but I just get an error message OR a message that says you can’t cancel once reviews have been submitted.

I do however still have the “Stop Enrollment” button visible.



I see, ya that’s what i mean, i think they are just trying to make it so you cant add more until this ones complete, but you should be able to cancel the enrollment regardless if it is complete or not.


Thanks for that, which forum does it go under?


I’m not familiar with VINE so I coudln’t say. This form is specifically for Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS). Mainly deals with fulfilling Amazon order via the API.