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I need some help. I was approve with no problem at all to sell DVDs over the $25 MSRP limit. Now 2 months later they shut me down on certain DVDs but let me sell others. They sent this email below. What is this all about? What can I do? They told me that now I am good to go but my items are still sitting at FBA and they are NOT available for sale.

Quote: “The review of your listings within the DVD Category indicated that some of the items did not reflect the types of items for which you submitted invoices in your original application to sell in the category.”

Does that mean that I am partially appoved and every time when I sell a new product I have to give the invoices to them? Where is my business privacy and confidentiality?




Did you submit invoices from a specialized distributor of DVDs, educational or inspirational or the like?

We your items which are being blocked a more general type of DVD?

Its the only explanation I can think of for the reason you quoted.


that’s what I thought but they even blocked something that I originally applied for, they are in the same category.


Somebody started a thread a few weeks ago about receiving a somewhat similar “additional approval for DVDs needed” email from Amazon -


If you want to sell them here, you don’t have any “business privacy and cofidentiality” with Amazon regarding suppliers, titles, etc., except for the pricing.


I wonder if it has anything to do with sellers selling mostly USED DVDs…the other thread referenced above was started by a seller of USED DVDs…

OP, are you mainly a USED DVD seller?

OTOH, I was approved also but I still run into restrictions on certain titles, i.e.:

Approval doesn’t mean you will be able to list ANY DVD…there are still apparently agreements in place on certain titles, especially, it seems, if Amazon offers it in streaming format.


Being approved for over $25 msrp DVD doesn’t mean ALL over $25. Just as before this new rule, there were still restrictions on certain studios (hbo, wb, Disney all come to mind) that required a separate approval process. That did not go away with this new rule. This rule is in addition to the old rules. So now there are at least two levels of hoods, instead of one, for many dvds.

They also seem to be paying attention to whomever people used as suppliers, and flagging them if their genre is too far off. For example, if you were approved using a small specialty niche here/studio, and suddenly start listing big studio titles, it flags.


I started another thread answering your questions. Amazon now has RIDICULOUS guidelines for everyone other than DVD distributors directly.

They seem to want to take out the small seller who wants to sell used DVDs.

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