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Can seller request an increase in Velocity Limits?

It seems as if Amazon has a Old Radio Knob on seller accounts that it rolls to slow down or close the selling when one’s account reaches/reaching the last week’s sales.

Any ideas?



Yes you could, yet I would not worry too much. Once you hit your limits, Amazon usually will send an email to you that your account is under review and that usually means that you have reached that limit and they just want to check it over and make sure no hokey business is going on.

If you do want to suggest an increase, you can email seller performance, yet most likely it will not do you much good until you get close to the limits. Also keep in mind, limits are more to put newer sellers in check before they have a chance to really prove themselves.

We reached our limit in 2011 when we shifted from media, into all other categories and started having triple sales everyday, that is when our account was under review and Amazon only wanted to make sure we were not into counterfeits and the like.

Since we started in 2007 we were pretty steady in our sales and when we hit a really high spike in sales, it triggered a red flag.

Good Luck to you.

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While TheMilkCrate says you can contact them to request an increase, I do not think you can do that and get any results.

I spoke with someone a few years back about my account and was told I hit many velocity limits and I didn’t even know. In most cases, the seller will not know because the limit is increased fairly quickly.

I am aware of one velocity limit when I went from sales of thousands a month to thousands a day. That one took about half a day to be approved. I knew that was a velocity limit due to the increase in sales. I knew when it happened because all my orders that day were pending until it was approved. Then, all at once, the orders went through.

I was not told about the velocity limit review. I assume it took longer due to someone more senior having to approve it.

What they look at is your history and make sure you are legitimate. If there is any suspicion or if you fall into some criteria that they want to do more review, then they will send you an email to say that you’re under review and either let you continue selling while not getting paid during the review or they will temporarily suspend your sales while they complete the review.

In my velocity limit situation, orders continued to come in while the review was being done. There was no suspension of sales while at all during the review.


Unless you are seeing many pending orders which do not clear in the half hour, you have probably not hit your velocity limit.

Either you will be approved within a few hours, or you will be notified your listings have been temporarily suspended.

Your listings are either active or inactive, there is no brake.


Thanks for your all responses.

I guess I have a wrong understanding of Velocity. To me, it is a ever changing value that moves as your sales move upward and then are compared against your last week’s sales, but perhaps that is not the case as you all have suggested.

My suspicion (or understanding) is due to the fact that my sales that were all the way to 14K in a month (the highest) in 10 months I have been here…to now jumping between 4k to 3K then jumping to 7k and this month looks as I will back on 4k a month. I have also noticed more than on etime over the last few months that a week starts pretty good then if I am hitting the last week’s number by Friday, all of a sudden it is a lull over the weekend. The result being either a bit under or over the last week’s sale.

I am not sure what can I do to increase my sales or even get back to how I started. I don’t know the possible strategies to improve sales other than reduced prices which I already have. I have a competitor who started later than I did and uses the same inventory as mine and my prices are almost the same, but looking at the feed back and assuming the rate being the same for both of us, I have 60 (5%) for almost 1200 orders while he/she has over 1000 (if 5%) feed back will result in about 20,000 orders. I wonder what he/she must be doing to get that many orders or even half of that in less than 8 months?


That’s right. They don’t want anyone else to make too much money.



I may have misrepresented what I was saying. In case I had, I was referring to that you could try and ask for an increase, yet do not think that will do any good. Amazon seems to have a system in place to trigger a red flag when reaching the limits.

Yet as someone else has also mentioned, I too noticed many orders pending for a long time before I received that “notice”, about my account being under review. Which was only cause a large amount of sales went through in a few days. Once they checked it over I was fine and now have not had any issues reaching 5,10,15k a month.

So please forgive me if I made a typo before.



Hi SellinCloud,

As your fellow sellers have mentioned, you do not need to contact Amazon to have your velocity limit increased. When you approach or exceed your current velocity limit, we evaluate your account and may increase the velocity limit. Increases are granted or denied as part of our proactive evaluation process.

You can review the help page below to find out more information about velocity limits.

[Velocity Limits and Account Reviews|]

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