Valid Tracking Rate - toys


Need urgent help !
I got a suspension due to low Valid Tracking Rate.
For several days now I can not sell in the toys category.

I had a problem and fixed it
Now everything works as well as before the problem

I try to contact the performance team but get an automatic message from a bot

How can I talk to a real person from performance team?



No a human is sending that templated response. What does it say?

You talk to them by submitting a PoA. They do not have phones, or direct emails.

If you would like help with your PoA, Post your suspension email and your PoA BEFORE sending it to them.


Thank you for the fast reply!

“We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your seller-fulfilled selling privileges at this time. To reactivate your seller-fulfilled selling privileges, please send the following:
– Greater detail on the root causes of not providing valid tracking numbers.
– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to provide valid tracking numbers.
– Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent not providing valid tracking numbers going forward.”

About my PoA and the root causes…

For no apparent reason, the emails with tracking numbers have reached the spam folder

This is why I did not update the tracking number in the orders

After I received a message from Amazon performance team I checked and fixed the problem…

I will continue to ship in the same way in the future - with a valid tracking number
I will just pay attention to the emails and check that all orders have a valid tracking number


That’s not your orignal suspension email.

That’s not a valid Plain of Action that Amazon will accept.

It sounds like you are drop shipping and you had the emails containing tracking numbers from your supplier go to your spam folder?

It also sounds like you are not on top of your orders, because if you were, you would have caught this before you were suspended.

Your statements shows you won’t change anything and honestly do not take Amazon seriously as a business.

I say the above things not to be mean, but to educate you how Amazon sees it.

I recommend searching the forum for an outline of what a PoA should look like and contain.


Seems common today :grimacing:


Thank you !

And yes you are right.

I’m a drop-shipper and the store on Amazon is not my only business

but it worked fine for years…


Yes, but you found out your system failed because your email provider flagged the messages as spam.


yes… as you said I was not “on top of it”



do you think this PoA looks legit ?

Hi, thank you for drawing my attention to the tracking numbers …

“-- Greater detail on the root causes of not providing valid tracking numbers.”

I found the root causes of not providing valid tracking numbers.

What happened is that I send the orders with a number - our internal order number

And after I get a valid order number (in an email from my supplier) I update the order on Amazon with the valid tracking number.

Recently the emails with the tracking number from the provider went directly into my spam folder!

Which made me miss them and not update the valid tracking number in the Amazon ordering interface.

“-- Greater detail on the actions you have taken to provide valid tracking numbers.”

  1. I have added the sender’s address to my address book and this will prevent these emails from getting into spam
  2. Also Once a day, I check the spam folder to make sure everything is fine

I will increase the number of handling days

Increasing the handling days will allow me not to mark the package as sent only after I have a proper tracking number - meaning I will not have to mark the package as sent and then update the tracking number once more

  1. Once a day I will go through all the orders to see that everything is OK and there are Valid tracking numbers

  2. Like I did for years - I will only ship with a Valid tracking number!



Your PoA needs 3 sections:
Section 1: Explain what went wrong

Section 2: Explain the corrective actions you took

Section 3: Explain how you will prevent this from ever happening again.


@Robert-Brown, this was some bad luck for sure! I want to make certain that you’ve seen this announcement, which might also explain why you and others are seeing shipping restrictions today:


Hello @Robert-Brown

Thanks for reaching out to the Forums Community

Looks like you have submitted a plan of action and the team is asking for more details.

We would recommend you to address the issues as to why there was a delay/invalid tracking earlier.

Going forward, how would you like to update the valid tracking in a timely manner with accurate information?

What are the steps that you have already put in place that you are in compliance of the tracking?

Would you like to use any integrated carriers?

Holistically when drafting the plan of action, make sure that you are addressing the issue which led to low valid tracking rate and giving measures to mitigate the root cause so that the issue would not arise again.

The Plan of action should be in a detailed and structured manner.

Here is some useful information about the Valid Tracking Rate and commonly asked questions:




Thanks, Gili!
I tried…
I sent an email to the address of the appeals
At first, I got an email that looked automatic with an auto template
But for several days now I have not been answered at all …

I do not know what else I can do
I’m thinking of closing my store

Do you have a way to help me get in touch with seller performance team?



@ Robert-Brown did you get reinstated?


still can’t sell in Toys category
tried several times so send Plan of Work but only got the automated answer
I’m very disappointed


Hello @Robert-Brown,

Sorry to know that your plan of action was not accepted.

I’d like to help build a strong plan of action. Please go through these pointers, you may find these helpful:

– Mention the carrier service you will be using, will it be an integrated carrier?

– If you are using carriers that are not integrated with Amazon, such as some small or regional carriers, then you can begin shipping your packages with one of our supported carriers. You can also purchase tracked shipping labels directly from Amazon. For more information on purchasing shipping from Amazon, see Buy shipping services and print labels.

– What is the method you are using to provide valid tracking while confirming the shipping? (Please include steps)

Take a look at this page for building a POA:

You can submit a plan of action by writing to



Thank you Gilly! I just sent another email regarding my reinstatement. I also added to my POA that I will be using mainly UPS for my shipments, and should I need a different shipper I will make sure they are recognized by Amazon.
Please advise if there is any additional information or steps I can take to remedy the matter, and reinstall my account to active.

Many thanks!
Shlomi Yahbes
Robert Brown