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We have been having some trouble discerning what we needed to add to our plan of action for our Valid Tracking Rate appeal. We’ve been told we need to provide additional information, but we’re not sure what information is desired. Below is what we recently submitted with the unique information removed.

What was the root cause that led to the issue?

  • Beginning in January we changed our fulfillment method for Amazon orders. We began to run them through the systems that we use to run our other operations. There were issues with the information transfer that we did not initially recognize would be problems. This is our mistake, not any of the systems involved themselves. The order flow would occur as below.
    • Order Import into BigCommerce via Codisto
      • ‘Shipping Method” Field automatically assigned
      • BigCommerce/Depsoco order number automatically assigned
    • Order exported to Deposco
      • “Ship Via” Field manually changed to correct carrier/mail class
      • Pick Order
    • Ship Order via ShipperHQ
    • Order tracking information is posted back to Deposco by ShipperHQ
    • Deposco transfers the Tracking Number to BigCommerce
    • BigCommerce sends the Tracking Number to Amazon via Codisto
  • The root cause of the error was us expecting the manual update to the “Ship Via” Field to result in an update to the “Ship Method” Field in BigCommerce.
    • The error is generated here by the fact that the Shipping Method field in BigCommerce should match Ship Via field in Deposco and correlates to the Carrier and Shipping Service fields within Amazon. However, the information in this field was not being changed in BigCommerce after it is imported. When the tracking information was posted back to this system only the tracking number was updated in BigCommerce and the change to the Ship Via within Deposco did not cause any change to the Shipping Method in BigCommerce. So, when we used Codisto to post the tracking back to these orders it would post the tracking number for the order but leave the “Shipping Carrier” and “Shipping Service” fields empty because there was no valid information for it to even send. Therefore, our orders were missing these two fields but still had tracking numbers on them.
    • A good example of this occurring would be Order # *. This has a tracking number (), but no carrier information or shipping service so it is in turn invalid. Checking that tracking number on the USPS website correlates to shipment for that order, correct zip, date etc.

What actions will you take to resolve the issue?

  • There is not a way for us to correct this error in our system without replacing the process that was causing the error. The services here cannot fulfill their other purposes while satisfying the needs we have for Amazon orders. The services themselves are not malfunctioning. We are resolving this by replacing the system and process we are using entirely.
  • In place of this system, we will be using Shipstation to fulfill these orders. This system allows us a direct link to Amazon for the information to be transmitted without the superfluous systems involved. The removal of the excess systems will remove the ability for this specific error to occur whatsoever.

What steps will you take to prevent future issues?

  • In addition to using Shipstation to fulfill these orders, will be using Amazon’s Buy Shipping as our primary carrier provider for Amazon orders. This should make it difficult if not impossible for this error to occur.
  • We will be confirming the information provided and sent by Shipstation is being imported and exported correctly by checking Amazon’s Seller Central order interface. This is to make sure we do not have an issue in the future where we do not realize the information is transferring in-part or incorrectly.
  • We will monitor the reports for this as well as the other performance metrics weekly to better diagnose any issues before they become larger scale problems.

Valid Tracking Rate - toys

I have the same problem …
I got a suspension to sell in the toys category because of poor Valid Tracking Rate
And when I send an email to the performance team with an explanation I get a message that seems automatic


@Star_City_Games, my guess is that Amazon wants to see that your business shifts to actually, directly fulfilling orders yourself, from your own physical warehouse(s) of in-stock products, or to FBA.

Even though you were not restricted directly due to drop shipping, your POA continues to push your fulfillment responsibilities farther from your direct oversight, and that continues the possibility of issues with VTR that could affect Amazon’s customers’ shopping experience negatively.

…but that is just my guess.


And have you seen this? :grimacing:

:thinking: Will all of your services be able to connect and provide what is now and about to be required? I’m guessing that Amazon will want to see this clarified in your POA, too.


Thank you for the reply. We do not dropship and have made that clear in another submission where we explained the shipping process in further detail. However, we’re still not gathering what other actions or future changes Amazon desires, It would be very helpful if Support could provide some additional insight as to what is missing or confusing here.