Valid Tracking Rate Not Accurate


Anyone experiencing issues with Valid Tracking Rate today? I downloaded the report and all the ones that were flagged as invalid show tracking on USPS and show as delivered. I also checked the order in Amazon Seller Account and they show as delivered too. Just a glitch I am guessing? I know this metric doesn’t count against us but still bothersome…


That is the general hope at this time:


If you are doing SFP then in that sense it would count against you. Or if it took Premium Shipping away.
So far for me I still have Premium but I have nothing in the Tracking Report just a 92 something VTR.


Hello, my account is currently in this state, the current indicator is 0%.
I suggest that you can consult the seller support.


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Mine too, I am showing 98.06% valid tracking (608/620 orders), but 100% are valid, accurate, and show as delivered. I opened a ticket with SS and they replied and said to send an email to Seller Performance. Ugh, what’s with all the glitches recently?


Same issue. One order showing as invalid tracking. We checked and it was delivered in 3 days.