Vague answers and threats from Product Review Department


Have any of you received vague delistings from Amazon. Today we received a message from “Product Review” that one of our listings has bee delisted due to a customer complaint or customer complaints. They won’t tell us which. Apparently said customer(s) said the book (s) didn’t look new. The funny thing is we have sold four copies and have received absolutely no feedback (requests for refunds, etc.). There have been no low review numbers. We replied and asked what the issue was so we could fix it and were told no, they couldn’t tell us. Then, as part of the process we are supposed to fill out a form describing how we would improve. Ummm, we don’t know what to improve. We went back and forth all day and it ended with a delisting of the book permanently and a threat to deactivate our account if they get anymore complaints… So, long story short: no one at Amazon can tell you how to contact seller support except through a link and that so far has been worthless! I believe the account is being sabotaged (no customer/buyer feedback). The worst part is we have been selling on Amazon for around 20 years with no problems and now we are threatened with deactivation and provided with any information. They have created a monster! Oh, the book was “Where I AM” Graham.