/v2/profiles return nothing for a real seller account



I’m trying to retrieve the profile(s) from a seller account, and the issue is that it returns an empty array instead of a full answer.

When I use sandbox and I register a new profile, it appears and I can use it, but for an existing account I simply have an empty array. The account in question has almost 30.000 produts and is registered in the FR, CO.UK, DE, IT and ES stores (EU Marketplace). Our API calls are correctly calling the EU url.

Is there anything that needs to be done (besides the login with Amazon?).


For anyone interested (since Amazon seems to take 6+ days to answer each time).

The accounts will not appear until you’ve enabled the adversiting on that account, this could mean two things:

  • For your own account (admin), just go to the Adversiting tab on the top of you Seller Central and click the “Create a Campaign” button (don’t need to actually create one).
  • For accounts that you manage (admin or not admin) you need to first check if the situation on the last point AND see that you have permissions to manage campaigns.

With those you should be able to see all the accounts (without any name to identify them, but with an account ID).