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I want to sell on Amazon using my company (which was set up specifically for selling on amazon), that is registered in US, but I’m not a resident of US and don’t live there. During the process of verification of account I was asked to provide utility bill, but it seems that I can’t give them any bills because I’m physically not there. Do I need to contact Amazon support team? Will they be able to understand my situation and help me with this, maybe find some alternative?
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Hi @Volod

Your utility bill does not have to be in the US.

Please review this thread from @Rushdie for some ideas about what types of bills you can send and other tips for international Sellers:


It depends on just how you set up your business in the USA, selling as a foreign national. The addresses you used, Do you have an EIN number from the US IRS (Internal Revenue Service) government site. Do you also have a retail or trader’s license in an individual state, being listed as a foreign owned business? :train2:


There are no alternatives, and no, contacting Amazon will not let you get around this requirement. You must provide a utility bill.


Got it. Can I assign the home adress of my primary contact person (he’s an US citizen) as the registered business address?

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