USPS temporary price increase during peak season 2020


I take it you have never shipped UPS or FedEx during the holidays? They do the same thing.

But to take this further, if Congress won’t give them money that they think they need, then why not add a surcharge? It helps them and keeps more taxpayer money from going in there.

That being said, of course it will hurt, especially individual accounts that only get the (minimal) amount that Amazon gives them. For professional accounts, it is a matter of raising the item price if offering “Free Economy Shipping” or just increasing your shipping template costs.


OMG please no. Whenever I get parcel with Amazon own delivery service they lost them or simply displaced them. I asked AMAZON never to ship with their own service to our address, since at least 50% of this are not delivered correctly! They are terrible and when I read all the trouble that they have due to Amazon not paying subcontractors enough to even keeping their cars safe, I can only imagine under what stress the drivers are , so they don’t care when they put the parcels. Sometimes they even make picture of where they left the parcels. which is great since I have proof that this is not something even in our neighborhood. No I would not send to my customer via Amazon logistics!


You win the thread.


The Post Office does not get any tax money.
If it did, the rates would be lower.


The High Price errors are intentional, Amazon does not want US sellers anymore. The HPEs exist to lock US sellers out of low cost high volume products. That way US buyers never even see that it is available from US seller that can deliver in 5 days at $10.00 vs. an off shore seller at $3.00 with an ETA of Feb 2021.


Well I guess I will be sending my FBM orders to my Shopify store API and buying postage there…


Well…That’s pretty sad, then. I rarely buy on Amazon anymore because of the way they treat us sellers. :frowning:


The U.S. Postal Service says it lost $2.2 billion in the three months that ended in June as the beleaguered agency — smacked by the coronavirus pandemic — piles up financial losses that officials warn could top $20 billion over two years. -CBS News

Are you unaware that UPS and FedEx have also lost, broken, or mis-shipped more packages this year than any other ytd? That UPS and FedEx add a surcharge during the holidays? That UPS and FedEx have been announcing surcharges to certain services all year long, including some new surcharges for the holidays?

I wish you the best of luck in your search for a more economical alternative. The USPS has been shipping your packages at a loss for years. Does this make them mismanaged? They could easily turn around their financial woes if they just started charging as much as FedEx and UPS (or if their exclusive federal mandate for funding pension plans were withdrawn) , but then that would give you something else to complain about.

Oh wait, they are raising prices, Just not as high as UPS and Fedex. Somehow I think you will still be using their services anyway, appreciatively or not.

USPS is having problems just like the other carriers, for sure. And the new Postmaster DeJoy’s rules for not having overtime had exacerbated the problem greatly, for sure. However, in spite of this the USPS remains the most cost effective shipping option for many of us, and they do a pretty good job considering how much less expensive they are. Perhaps instead of complaining you should be counting your blessings.


Absolutely !


I always told everyone first they will kill retail brick and mortar stores with prices that were the same but delivered to your house and once you have the market time jack the prices up and take it to the bank. USPS created this giant with basically giving free shipping for the past few years now they must up price due to the fact they killed themselves and are now obsolete with soon UPS and then FEDEX. One world one amazon.


This is an excellent reason to raise prices on my shipping templates. Just don’t flag me for having high shipping rates. Is there any reason to not adjust templates today?

The shipping price increases will go nicely with the product price increases that come with the 120 days extended returns period.


Didn’t they just borrow 10 billion dollars from the Govt?


25 billion and now you need to help them pay that back


Maybe it won’t be permanent, will change again in January 2021 to higher rates.


That was true, but isn’t anymore. The 2020 federal budget allocated $250 million to the post office. Since the money paid out by the federal budget is taken from the taxpayer, the Post Office does indeed get tax money.


I got the same problem over 50% of packages they ship to me with Amazon logistics end up at the wrtong place.




…Just so that those of a certain political leaning could now honestly say that the USPS is funded with tax payer dollars, yes. A whole 250 million; a mere pittance on the scale of the Post Office. By that standard, just about every major corporation in the USA and many of those abroad are funded with US tax payer dollars: through government tax breaks. Every oil company, every bank…


Some of us fight for every nickel in competing with low margin items. Unless other sellers raise their costs, I will be eating any increases :frowning: