USPS Scanning Policy Change


UPS and DHL are not postal services in the US. Also DHL
DHL ended domestic pickup and delivery service in the United States in 2009, effectively leaving UPS and FedEx as the two major express parcel delivery companies in the US.


My experience with this issue is:
We just moved into a new warehouse in a different state, my old post office always scanned every package when I asked them to. The new one refuses because they said they are told by the post master they can only scan 5 packages. (sometimes if I have a different driver, they will scan them all in, today for example, they were all scanned). We only shipped an average of about 100 packages a day with USPS, a lot more of our bigger items are going UPS now.
I called the post office and the customer service line, because I don’t always get a scan sheet if I’m printing some orders from our PayPal account. Amazon and website orders are no problem.
I did ask about the acceptance scan, and my local post office said they will only scan if you bring them into the office and ask for a receipt, because they can’t refuse to, but otherwise nothing gets scanned there because they said it takes too much time to have a person scan everything, when a machine will do it for them at the next facility.
the problem being, when a package goes missing or gets damaged, they do not accept responsibility for it, they said that is our problem, because no scan means we can’t prove they have the package. a scan form doesn’t mean they actually have the package (as others have mentioned).
I’m currently waiting for an agent from our USPS district office to contact me, because my actual USPS office, the post master or supervisor refused to contact me, passing me over to sales (who told me they really need us to print a scan form, because when we take packages into the office and ask for a receipt, it’s making things ‘less streamlined’ and it’s becoming too time consuming to scan our packages every day). we have shipped over 45,000 packages in the last 12 months, we don’t have many problems, but it’s always reassuring to know that every package leaving our facility is scanned so both us and the customer know where their package is.

hopefully usps will either rethink this scan sheet policy (very unlikely), or they will scan in packages for business customers (also unlikely at my local post office).


Also called a SCAN form. It will be in your shipping program’s History tab.


I agree that the USPS wants the scan sheets and does not want to scan each package when there are many from one person, and that the post office will not accept responsibility for a lost package that was accepted from a scan sheet. Since we ship books, and usually the dollar value is relatively low, this is not generally a problem for us. However, when we do have high dollar shipments we can and do take those items to the counter for an acceptance receipt. Even though they are also on the scan sheet with the rest of the items we are shipping that day, it does not cause any problems. But by limiting the number of packages, the post office is willing to help. And then our “lost package” liability is lessened to low value items.


And you can very easily print an ‘end of day’ scan form on Pirate Ship.
"To create SCAN Forms, go to the “Ship"page and click the “End of Day” button.”


It is not unusual at my warehouse either. There is usually a stack there to be scanned as with C-19 we NEVER KNOW when the pick up will be so we print them every 30 packages. The postal workers do not have time to wait…

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When or if. Had to drop off today or a couple would have got hit with late shipping.