USPS Scanning Policy Change


A package that has an Amazon label or Ebay etc used for shipping does not get returned if the postage is short. It gets charged to your account and gets delivered to the customer. Clearly, you are not telling us the whole situation. There is more to this story. Like you have been shipping all your packages 12 ounces when they should be 13, 14, 15 or 16 and you got caught.


We are using and always print a manifest for pick-up


Yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to work with the USPS’ APV process.

But the USPS does note that: Some mail that is not paid properly and is not detected by APV may be manually processed for postage due.

So maybe some of your packages - especially if they are only slightly off - may be slipping through the APV process.


Buy an accurate scale for $20.
Problem solved.


Yes, you can create a “scan sheet”, but this unfortunately does not solve your problem. Even when my company prints this USPS scan sheet, the USPS isn’t liable for anything that doesn’t end up getting scanned at their facility. We have had many packages scanned that were listed on the scan sheet, and when they are picked up, they are labeled as “USPS pending acceptance” or something similar. We can’t file an insurance claim on these if they go missing because USPS didn’t scan them physically. These sheets are next to useless.


I’ve never been able to see the end of day forms… Even when I go to the link above, I see only 1 Tab for Archived Orders. Is the End-of-day form specific to certain kinds of accounts?
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I will try to clear this up.
Hope I can explain every step.
This of course is not the only exact way, but it is my way.

#1 Get a account.
#2 Get some software to process your orders/labels and be sure it can use/link to your stamps account.
#3 On a daily basis process your orders and create the shipping label.
#4 Schedule a pickup - daily or every other day, what ever works for you.
#5 Before 11:59PM each day, create/print your scan sheet for the day.
#6 When the post office picks up your packages, give them each of the scan sheets.

At this point it is out of your control. You are now at the mercy of the USPS.

Just so you know.
We have a Stamps account. We use ShipStation to process orders/labels. By the way, Stamps owns ShipStation.
We sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, WalMart, Amazon Canada, Rakutan, and 2 of our own web sites.
We ship on average - 300 - 325 packages a day from all these sites.
ShipStation will pull orders from all of the sites.
Example: If we sell an item on Amazon and on eBay and in our store, to keep it as simple as we can, all three orders/labels will be processed/printed together.
We use ShipStation to print picking sheets, so we know we have to pull and pack three different orders for the same thing.
When we create the end-of-day, ShipStation will print three different sheets, one for each site.
Example: If you under pay for a package, the post office will bill your Stamps account. The good part, if you over pay for a package, the post office will give you back the overage. It is all automatic.
Example: If you catch your error on the under pay before it is given to the post office, you can correct it in multiple ways. You can cancel the incorrect label and create a new one. - ShipStation will send a “cancel” to the USPS and you get your funds back in your account. You may also use your Stamps account to print a “Postage Correction”. Just print a postage strip for 28 cents (any amount), affix this to your package along with the original label.
As I stated in an earlier post, there is a problem when using scan sheets (for me it has become a MAJOR problem. We get the huge orange hamper from the post office. Each hamper holds about 75 - 100 packages. We have 3 - 4 hampers each day. So a regular carrier is not able to pick up in their jeep. We have the 2 ton truck with a lift gate pick up our hampers.
The problem, even if I ask, our local post office will not scan the packages. The hampers are not unloaded or processed locally. They are taken to the distribution center. This is always the next day. If we are lucky enough to have the center scan the packages immediately, the tracking will show the package is in the system and moving. But most times it is a few days before the first package scan, and tracking only shows - Pre-Shipment. Far too many are not scanned until delivery.

Sorry, I get side tracked sometimes.
Get Stamps
Get software to process orders/labels
Software may be used for corrections
Software will create/print end-of-day scan sheet
Give packages with scan sheet to post office
Wait for customer “Where’s My Stuff”


Our carrier has refused for many years. Sometimes when she does not pick it up the other mail carrier will do it but to be honest if we had a scan form I would expect them to scan it.


If you don’t have the end of day form tab and you don’t have a professional account, that is most likely the reason why.

It should look like this


The situation in NY is so bad that our assemblyman started a whole scandal about the lack of service at USPS in our neighborhood. Do you think it helped? I doubt the Post Master would do anything either. They’re Union workers and don’t give a rat’s *ss about anything.


I use Amazon buy shipping, arrange daily pick up from Postal Service ( they pick up using big truck Ryder by the end of day ). Never scan anything, so far has no problem at all. Only 1 -2 out of 200 orders lost in transit.


I would not recommend the manifest. I used this up until April . The manifest does not get accepted until it gets to the plant and the plants do not update. This probably costed me $30,000 in refunds.
Get to know your postal carrier and ask them to scan your packages. I send up to 300 packages a day and they scan them for me.


we use shipping easy which is owned by stamps we create scan forms right from there site very easy


Why? Because you said:

Now you are saying that the USPS is the worst postal service in the United States?

They are also the best. By far.

Those other carriers are NOT a postal service. They do not deliver a letter for fifty-five cents. Millions of them every day.


I get that message just from creating the label… when the carrier scans the scan form it always registered as Picked up.

OP - make sure you tell your carrier today that what you need is an ACCEPTAMCE SCAN - (which is what the counter clerks told me it’s called)


Yes, this happens to me at my local USPS. If I fall in line they complain and request for a manifest for 10 items I want to get scanned same day and get a receipt. Because if they are not priority mail they would not scanned them in 3 days after drop them in the office. So more likely the chances of your package getting lost will happen especially if they are small packet.


I respectfully disagree. But thanks for your always entertaining take on things. I eagerly await the flags on my post, since GASP! I had the audacity to question a forum goddess.


The simple answer is to insure you have the proper postage applied at the time you ship.


If i ship high value items i might ask the carrier to scan those otherwise i usually forget. Very few packages seem to get lost and probably books are less attractive to scammers than higher end consumer products.


Last rankings i could find had usps in the top 10 of 170 postal systems. There was room for improvement though. Top 5 were swiss, austria, germany, holland and japan.