USPS Scanning Policy Change


Can the scanning sheet be used for FBA Small Parcel Shipments being picked up by UPS?


Compared to UPS for domestic shipments.
Compared to both UPS and Dhl for international shipments.
For domestic shipments:
During the pandemic, I’ve issued more than $3000 refund for the orders that are either lost or delivered in 4-5 weeks. Now you can state the fact that I could have asked customers to file A-to-Z claims but I didn’t because Amazon would slow down my sales. In the end, I chose to refund because it was a more rational choice for my case but either way, I’d lose.
The second issue is the use of their service. I never had any issues with UPS when my package is overweight. They charge my account or send me a bill if I don’t buy a label through my UPS account. It could be my mistake to enter the wrong weight but they should have given me an option to pay the difference in any case. Returning the package and canceling out a label is a highway robbery IMO.
I also want to mention that the package was 12.1 oz instead of 12 oz.
The last one is their general attitude. Of course, I have a post office where the employees are the sweetest and nicest people in the world but in general, their attitude is not as nice as you’d see in UPS.
Now let’s talk about international packages. Dhl express is less than half the price of what USPS charges and they deliver packages to Canada in 2-3 days. While I was waiting for my USPS shipment that goes 100 miles far away from my place to be delivered, the DHL package would be delivered already.
Now you’d argue that DHL specializes in international packages. Let’s compare UPS then.
Ups shipments take 2 weeks top to Canada and they are way cheaper than USPS again. Have you ever sent a package to Canada with USPS recently?
Anyway, I’m glad that USPS works out for you and you never had an issue. I hope you won’t. But my experience with them is the worst. That’s all!


Those packages are returned because they weigh 12.1 oz instead of 12 oz. I weighted them again and my scale still shows 12 oz. In any case, they should have given me an option to pay the difference or they could have easily charged my Amazon account, right?
Sending packages back for 0.1 oz is ridiculous IMO, that’s all.


@coMarket , that is exactly the problem I have with scan sheets. When my carrier scans mine, it does NOT produce an ACCEPTANCE scan. It is not the same service as having each parcel’s barcode scanned. It seems like anything other than having a parcel individually scanned upon acceptance results in it sitting (or maybe moving, who knows) for days before the first scan showing it has gone anywhere. And that makes customers angry.


Not even close… Guatemala had much worse. They privatized theirs. The company they hired (foreign) demanded more money when their contract was up to renewed. Govt would not agree so the company locked up all the post offices and refused to delivery the mail for 2 years.

Italy - intl packages can take months to be processed. Mail theft is much worse in some european countries, mostly towards the east.

Until the Kill The Post Office Act of 2006 the US postal service was great. Then FedEx and UPS got congress to saddle the PO with billions in debt.


I don’t know where you live but here in New York I am yet to meet a postal worker whether picking up from our office or whether delivered to the post office that will even scan ONE package. Hell, when we have multiple scan forms they make a big deal about scanning ALL of them :roll_eyes: Welcome to my nightmare.


Your USPS carrier is full of it. Use Endicia. Then at the end of day, if you print an “end of day report” it will print one UPC label with all of the shipments for that day on one scan. The pick up carrier (or drop off) will scan the one end of day report, and that will scan all packages into the system.

Note: One time USPS picked up two bags, and the driver missed the initial “EOD” scan. It was like we broke the USPS system. BOTH bags sat at our local hub for two weeks before someone over there noticed and dumped them on a belt. They started to trickle out. Meanwhile we had to refund thousands of dollars in sales because Amazon saw no scans or movement. 2/3 of the packages got delivered to spite our refunds. Of coarse those customers NEVER PAID. Amazon DID NOTHING. USPS was like “sorry bro.”

We just ended up losing a bunch of money because the USPS carrier HAD ONE JOB! and they heard it from us for weeks. Every day. That guy no longer works for USPS…


What software do you use to print your USPS labels? That will allow us to give you instructions on how to print the manifest.

Sometimes we have 200+ USPS packages. The mailman/woman would probably kill us if he/she had to individually scan all of our packages!


Thank you for sharing this but dude, why are you comparing Italy or Guatemala while I was talking about the postal couriers that works in the US? As I stated above, I compared them to UPS and DHL. I don’t have much experience with Fedex. After all, these are my experiences.
If we ever going to talk about other countries, let’s talk about what goes around the world. At least they are worth to talk.


I have used the SCAN form for many years, thousands of them, and both the route carrier and the clerks at my PO love them. My route carrier picks up around noon and is nice enough to bring me new totes but that is unofficial. If I have a lot of orders in the afternoon I will take them to the post office before they close. With the SCAN form, I get to jump the line but again that is unofficial.

Here is what the individual package tracking number history looks like on a typical shipment:

October 26, 2020, 11:57 pm
Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility

October 26, 2020, 10:42 pm
Accepted at USPS Origin Facility
[city], [state] ]zip]

October 26, 2020, 3:14 pm
Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending
[city], [state] ]zip]

The first scan is the SCAN form scan, the 2nd scan is when it leaves my PO and shows acceptance, the 3rd is when it reaches the regional distribution center, then the other expected scans of course.


And what has your local post master said on this?


File a complaint with the Post Master


I clicked on the link and the latest manifest was from yesterday and it had 25 orders which the number was higher then I actually shipped yesterday, then I thought that maybe at included my FBA shipments that were sent from the distribution center. But after I left the page and decided to go back and check again, I noticed the “request” button on op row and after I clicked it bam there appeared my manifest from today. I downloaded it and wala I had todays manifest that I will be certainly taking daily to the post office! Best information I’ve seen in years! Thank you! Woohoo!


It is a good idea in theory but it turned out terribly for me personally! I used this form for ebay items (same form, different selling platform) after both eBay and our post office begged and badgered us about it. I was hesitant because I like seeing the worker scan the item; I know the package is in their hands officially. But, I was ASSURED that this would save everyone time and my fears were completely unfounded.

Well, guess what happened? About two months ago, the post office lost an entire day’s worth of mailing. Everything I brought in on 9/04/20 was missing. I spent hours and hours calling the post office, going in person to the post office, calling the 1800 number, filing dozens of missing mail forms. The post office refused to accept any responsibility stating that their worker had scanned the FORM, but not the ACTUAL PACKAGE so they couldn’t verify that the packages had ever been brought to them!! I was LIVID! This was exactly what I was afraid would happen.

I’ve ended up having to give refunds to multiple customers including their shipping costs over this. I will NEVER EVER use that form again and I can’t state strongly enough how much I recommend against anyone else using it. If your packages are lost using this form, I know from sad experience there is very little recourse for you.


I will tell you that I ship dozens and sometimes hundreds of packages in a day and I did not have good luck with the scan form. Yes, it showed the items were picked up, but then no tracking on the individual items after that. I was using Stamps via ShipStation. You might want to do a test with just a few packages at first.


Our mailman told me that I could buy either a stamp and stick it on the package or I could simply go back to the post office and pay the difference. I didn’t try buying a stamp and sending the package but I tried going to the post office and paying the difference. The USPS clerk told me that the information that was given to me is wrong and he cannot use the same label again. The only option would be to buying a new label. I don’t know if anyone has experienced this before and know if there is anything I can do but as far as I know, there is no option to pay the difference.
I shared this because I know this could be you or someone else. I know the fact that USPS do adjustments and charges your Amazon account. I saw adjustments before when I checked my reports but this is the very first time I have been experiencing this. I feel like they are trying to make as much as they can by implementing new rules to pay their debt. Just want to give you guys all heads up! Be more cautious when sending packages. If it’s 11.9 oz, just enter 13 oz or 14 oz.


As someone already told you THAT is wrong. You can take the package into the counter, they weigh it,and charge you the amount of the shortage. I’ve done it. Multiple times in the last 17-18 years.


Wow, this is getting interesting right now! I will try to go to the same USPS and try to video record the whole conversation. I’m really curious how this thing will play out in the end. But anyway, good to know. Maybe I’ll try another USPS location so they can use resend the package. I have recently returned one package at the moment, we will see.
In any case, I still believe USPS should have charged my Amazon account or give me an option to pay online at least. Returning the package for 0.1oz or maybe less difference is crazy in my opinion but thank you for letting me know!!


Someone else mentioned that too.

And I find that a troubling aspect of this whole scan thing.

#100 are crooks. I lost $4,300 to them and I am now using This company is honest. charges a lower price on USPS and also let’s you create end of day reports (which are the “manifest” you were told).