USPS Scanning Policy Change


Question: Do you schedule the PO to pickup your packages from your office?
Question: Do you print your stamps from home and then take it into the PO?
Question: Are you in a rural section or an urban area?
I never heard of that policy. I never heard of a single manifest for multiple packages. It would definitely be useful.


Yes to all of your questions.


I still don’t understand how a single manifest works. I have to look it up on “how to” videos. But now I know why so many of my packages have that Pre-shipment Date, etc. when I track it.


You can schedule up to 12 months in advance.
When I create a pick up schedule, I go to the end of the year. Then I do not have to remember.

If you are creating a pick up schedule, you do not go into the post office.

If you have a post office delivery, (carrier) you can get a pick up.


If you use some sort of software to create and print your labels, be it Stamps, ShipStation, Amazon or something else, when the label is created it sends information to the USPS site that a label has been created.
Then when you do the end-of-day and create the scan sheet, the software marks every label that is within the sheets time frame as being part of the single bar code on the scan sheet.
Then the USPS software processes the single bar code, expanding upon it to all the included labels as being processed.
I think


Like, I wonder why people bother to use other shipping providers to get the same rates and less protection, but… if you’re doing this, cancel your Amazon account.


I use a scan sheet any time I have more than ONE package.


Where do you get the scan sheet? Do you have or another service?


I work for the Postal Service this in not a policy!!!


That is not true. They can but must be brought in person to a Postal clerk counter to get cancelled.


That question is well covered in this very thread.


Thanks for this! You just made my carrier one happy mail lady


It’s weird because doing a scan sheet has come up from my post office before, but my carrier has always told me that under no circumstances will we do a scan sheet because she doesn’t get credit for all of the packages she picks up. Instead she gets credit for only one, because she scans only one barcode. SO we continue doing it the way we always have. And I’m sure if it comes up again we will continue to continue doing it the way we always have.


I suspect your carrier is misinformed.


USPS is the worst postal service ever. They told me the exact same thing but I can’t seem to find a solution.
They have been returning some packages due to postal fee I owed. It looks like I put the wrong weight in some packages but they are insignificant and can easily be disputed. For example, I have packages that are returned back to me because I entered the weight as 12oz instead of 13oz. Because the price would be different for 12 oz and 13 oz, they now sending those packages back to me after 2-3 weeks of the shipment. Instead of adjusting the weight and charging my Amazon account for the difference, they are returning it. I talked to our postman and asked him how would I pay the difference and he told me to go to the post office and pay the difference so I wouldn’t lose the payment I paid for the label. Guess what, post office clerk said to me it is a wrong information and I have to buy a new label which is not possible on Amazon for the shipped orders.
In the end, I have to refund for all those orders because I cannot take a risk of getting an A-to-Z claim. Most orders were returned after 2-3 weeks of the shipment so most customers were already complaining where their packages.
It looks like they are trying to make as much money as they can at the moment. We all know they temporarily increased their prices about 40 cents to pay their debt. I was empathizing them but not anymore.


if you read this thread you will find out, including pics and detailed instructions using amazon.


Worst postal service ever? Compared to what? You need to get out more.

There are some truly bad, even newsworthy postal services around the world.

And your complaints that they return a package after you have affixed the wrong postage aren’t proving your point.


Print out a scan sheet.
This resolves your problem immediately


You are the one making the mistake here, not USPS.

Get a better quality scale.


great info thank you…i read these forums and always find out new info - i’m lucky that our rural carrier picks up and scans all of our packages immediately regardless is we have 5 or 50…big tip for him this year!