USPS Scanning Policy Change


Yes…print a scan form at the end of day in the program you are using to create shipments.


Correct, however, these packages were not previously scanned but her scanning machine indicated that it was a duplicate scan. So she then scanned the individual packages and they all went in. The USPS business systems guy requested a copy of the scan sheets and he is a little puzzled because he was getting the same duplicate scan results. He is researching the problem and is supposed to get back with me tomorrow.


However, it does seem to exclude any international USPS parcel labels purchased through Buy Shipping. Or at least it did, back before we stopped using USPS for international orders (in favor of DHL).


I had no idea that there was a setting for forms on her scanning machine. I’ll ask her tomorrow when we try this again. Thanks.


Yup, that is exactly what I did but the carrier’s machine would not scan the form.


They have been doing this for a couple months here, and I personally have had zero issues with delivery or tracking. While yes I can see it can be frustrating, but honestly, at least me here in Virginia, my postal worker NEVER scanned any packages of ours when they picked them up, they took them back to the station and scanned everything then. So this is actually an up and up for us.


A scan sheet lists the packages that “SHOULD BE” present. It does not list the packages that “ARE” present. When the mailman scans the barcode on the scan sheet it marks all of the packages on the sheet as picked up, even if some packages are not present.

I consider the scan sheet to be useless because it is an imaginary list of what should be there. I want the mailman to scan the packages that he actually picks up, not a list of what should be / might be / hopefully is present.


And what do you do if they refuse like they did to the OP due to new USPS policies?


From what you said sounds like she knows what she’s doing but I just know if my carrier forgets to switch the setting It just gives a loud beeeep. Then she remembers to switch.


my mail carrier told me about this a few weeks ago, however he also told me that he checked with his union rep, and as the customer I have the right to request they scan every package they pick up (I ship on average around 700 packages per week). They do have to scan every order, but some labels I print the day before (my mail runs early) to be collected the next day, scan sheets are a problem for me occasionally if there’s an order that I have the label for, but it hasn’t been packaged in time. so it’s scanned as picked up, but it’s actually still at my warehouse.
I do like to have every package scanned when it is picked up, like UPS and FedEx have to, so the carrier and I both know who has the package at any moment in time.
It’s more time consuming for the postal worker, but we have had a rural carrier for a couple of years now and they like doing it that way because they get paid something for every package they pick up (the total of which is generated by how many they scan).

just my two cents anyway :slight_smile:


Make sure after you hit “request” you ALSO HIT “refresh” afterwords!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!! Otherwise, the report you just generated won’t show up in the list. Check the dates of the report too. It is not uncommon to have more than 1 report for the same day, and the post office will need to scan each one to properly scan in every package for that day.



Most of the time the carriers have their scanners set to scan as they are delivering…

Which can be really problematic, because the customer is notified that it’s been delivered…

Creating all kinds of back end – customer service issues for you…

Your carrier probably doesn’t have a lot of people she’s doing pickups for, + in turn someone never really educated her about the device she was issued…

Hopefully she figures it out, and it works for you in the future…


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Please keep in mind, that any parcel over 13-ounces CANNOT HAVE STAMPS on them!


You can find the information about what ever you call them, End of Day Reports, Shipping Manifest, different companies can call them different things, in the information about any of these sites, bay, Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc. FedEx and UPS want these daily, not required, but they want them so if you shipped with them you would be aware. Other than that it’s not really a new practice to use a manifest or end of day report to list all items and this forum doesn’t do much to help with that. Learning more about how to operate does that for you. For someone with 30 - 40 packages a day you probably wanted to use this all along.

Instead of waiting for a direct forum post about it become more aware of your business and the services and companies you need to use for your business. This is something that would have been given to you in the seller university section about shipping. You could have easily Googled how to find this report and found it pretty fast. Instead you posted here to ask someone to hand you the information that has turned into a 50+ post and honestly wasting time you could be using to learn more about your business conversating with people in here who are also throwing out all the other places to find these reports on all the different sites they use when really you need to just concentrate on the scope of what you use.

These forums can be helpful but don’t go the path that most do and rely on them as a crutch to keep from having to actually work at your own business or to learn more. I’ve been doing this almost 16 years and it never stays the same. What you know now won’t matter or won’t apply in a year or 2. If your going to stay with it get in the habit now of keeping your eyes open and always learning more.


I’ve never had an issue with USPS not scanning packages that I dropped off until this week. From the past seven days, I have about 200 packages with zero tracking updates. I can start printing scan sheets now but are those packages ever going to be scanned at some point on their journey??


Scan sheets have been around for a long time. We are high volume and we get these giant USPS Mail Bags from the postman that get tied off with velcro. They take the sheets we provide them (yes multiple on most days) and scan them. One sheet can have many hundreds of parcels. This scan then indicates pick up but not acceptance which to us is a little odd. Then on a very good day they scan them as accepted that evening. On a not so good day it takes them 1-7 days to accept them. This is a “Sign of the Pandemic Times”.

It depends what you use to ship. We use Ship-Station as it pulls in orders from every channel and on that app you click Shipments and on the left End of Day. Follow the prompts to close and print. We often do this a few times as if orders come in and the pick up is late we simple do another End of Day print.

It’s a piece of cake and will theoretically save the post some time with your parcels…


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Even if you use the scan sheet, there is still a problem.
We have been doing this for a VERY long time. What happens now, our pick up driver scans the scan sheet. If you look at the tracking at this point it will say " Pre-Shipment Date and time Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item**"
This will be the only tracking until the actual package is scanned.
I have been in talks with the post office for several months and no one seems to be able to change this verb-age. When the buyer sees this tracking they think you have not shipped the package. But in fact it is in the hands of the post office.
I have had packages sit at our distribution center for several days before it is scanned and starts moving. I have had too many packages that the first scan is when it is delivered.
While not scanning every package at pick up is a time saver, it created a lot of confusion on the buyers side.


Thanks I’ll do that.