USPS Scanning Policy Change


The USPS just instituted a new policy of only scanning 6 packages and then picking up the rest to be scanned when they get them to the Post Office. I let them know that I have a problem with this policy because we have between 30 – 40 packages going out a day and I really don’t like them not being scanned as picked up. Apparently this is a nationwide policy due to personnel shortages and Covid. When I called our Post Office they told me that I can create a Manifest which would list all my packages and then creates a single Bar Code which the carrier scans which records all my shipping labels.
This sounds good but the Postal Chief couldn’t tell me where to go or how this manifest is created. To make a long story short – does anyone know what they are talking about and if so how or where do you go to create this Manifest???

Master shipping list

if you are using STAMPS after you finish doing your tags go to SELECT PACKAGES there is a box to check for the MANIFEST

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Use a scan sheet so they can scan all packages with one scan. If you use Amazon shipping go to Orders->Order Reports->End of Day Forms.


I am very surprised this is the first you are hearing of a Scan Sheet. We sometimes hand the carrier 3 or 4 of them depending on how we processed. The carrier still prefers a few sheets instead scanning a ton of packages.

FYI, if you have printer issues, they can scan the barcode from your screen.


At the top of your seller central page under orders you will find “Order Reports” then find “End of Day Forms” then select “generate”
That will produce a downloadable PDF form with the barcode containing all labels you generated for that day.


No, I don’t use Stamps. But I will look into it. Thanks

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Thanks for the info, I will try it today.


Well it was never brought up to me before. Yesterday was the first I heard of this. But thanks for the info I will definetly look at the end-of-day forms.


Thanks I will try it today.


Looked at the End of Day report and it looks great. How often does this report update? I get orders all day long and would like to know what’s included in the scan especially if it only updates every several hours. Right now I have 9 boxes (extremely bad day) with todays date but it only shows 7 on the end of day report so far. Will this change as the day goes on? You said you sometimes have 3 or 4 scan sheets depending on how you process them, do you mean by shipping carrier? You seem very experienced with this so I am looking forward to your advice.


When you hit “Generate” that will provide a form of every label created for the day up to that moment.
What you are now seeing are previous days forms.
If you did not generate a report or there were labels purchased after you generated the form then Amazon starts over at the end of the day.




If using the USPS ClicknShip you can print a scan sheet there.


The report starts shortly after mid-night. Amazon auto creates one to clear it out.

When we see the mail carrier pull up, we generate it. If we printed any labels after the carrier picked up the day before, that would be another scan sheet.

We also print postage from off Amazon sales so that is maybe a third or fourth scan sheet.

If you have a low volume day for say outside of Amazon, you can keep those few packages separate and let the carrier know they need to scan those couple and the rest are on the scan sheet.


That’s why it’s a good idea to kinda, sorta, if you can, keep up with the happenings on these Forums.

I realize that there are probably thousands (millions?) of sellers who never set foot here, but that also means there are probably at least some aspects of Amazon and selling and shipping that they remain unaware of.

Because I have the time, I occasionally read threads on topics that don’t currently apply to me, as someday they may apply to me.

For instance, I’ve not yet had a Return under the new Returns Policy (read up on that if you haven’t already), but I’ve read many of those threads. And I’ve kept notes from posts that I know to be reliable.

You never know when you might find something that will benefit you in the future.


Great info. Thanks for all your help.


I do too. But this kind of caught me off guard by the carrier. Anyway I think I have it under control now. Thanks for your help


Actually, my carrier (who is the regional (Philly area) carrier union boss) told us about this policy last year. Granted he really doesn’t care either way, but I was so happy when Amazon started the SCAN forms and he was, too.


Here is amazon’s


You can get a scan sheet from Order Reports, End of Day Forms.