USPS international shipping service disruptions


USPS SUCKS international service. We will never use them again. Once you’re mail gets lost in nowhere land it’s impossible to ever get it back. And yes we ship with tracking numbers. UPS or DHL is the only way to ship international. Post office is about to go belly up.


All priority means you pay more money but the service is the same as first class. It’s the biggest scam the post office has going to try and make money since they are going belly up. Check around christmas time, the transit times they report on their website for first class packaging is the same as priority. We need an overhaul of USPS badly.


Will I get punished for cancelling the orders?


If there are more orders than just one occasional order, this could detrimentally impact your seller metrics and threaten your seller account.

Lately sellers have often been unable to purchase Amazon postage for International orders. I cancelled an order going to Australia for the reason “address undeliverable”. If Amazon wasn’t going to allow me to purchase postage with their postage guarantee, I wasn’t about to ship the order. I won’t risk my heath at Post Office counter to purchase postage for just one order.

If you do cancel an order, be sure to contact the buyer first with an apology and explanation. This will help to avoid potential negative feedback for a cancellation.

Pro sellers can change shipping settings to exclude international orders. For individual sellers, this will mean changing their shipping settings on each individual inventory item.


I think I am just going to remove all international shipping from now on.


I have had a couple orders from South American countries that I was unable to buy shipping for. I had to cancel the orders. I used the “Address Undeliverable” option and got hit with metric dings. Why would amazon allow purchases from countries that we are unable to ship to AND have it harm our metrics? Hard to fathom…



Equally hard to fathom: why do you not protect yourself by disallowing international?


Because not all international destinations are shut down. If amazon allowed an ala carte international country choice it would be possible. As far as I can tell international are in 2 big blocks of countries. So, you kinda have to throw the baby out with the bath water to stop a handful of countries that USPS is not currently shipping to. I think amazon should shut down purchases from the individual countries, or at the least not have it hit our metrics.


If you are on the professional account you can fine tune the heck out of those shipping templates when it comes to international.

On the individual plan there’s zero country specific control. Yes or No to all.


I completely agree. I just got notice today my metrics are putting my account at risk but I’ve got a handful of orders I can’t purchase shipping for because of the shipping restrictions. It’s crap that I’m being held accountable for this.