USPS international shipping service disruptions


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I have received packages back to Canada and a sticker saying mail suspension.


There are well over 100 countries listed with suspended service.

This does not include some countries where only Global Express or GXG are offered.

For goodness sake people – turn OFF international shipping for now.


Yes, but the definition of “cover” is up to the agent’s discretion, as I found out. She said “cover” does not mean “pay for”… sigh…


The list of countries pretty much covers 99% of the fraud orders we get or attempted.
The poor scammers what will they do, where will they steal their high kitchen fixtures from… oh the tragedy.


Wow its like the old days when I used to sell books on ebay… Intl surface/sea transit was still an option for heavy items… remember surface M-bags?


My local postmaster said Canada is absolutely closed to USPS. We had a package sent April 5 go absolutely nowhere, no scans at all. Fortunately, soon after seeing that was a problem, we turned off everything outside USA, across the board. There are enough USPS USA-related problems.


Thank you for sharing that. I had one returned from Dubai, UAE yesterday with this scenario.


If we turn off International shipping how can we navigate orders to Canada? We really don’t ship much to other countries other than Canada but they are under International.


I switched to UPS only end of March. Using them there haven’t been any problems shipping around the world, except a few returned parcels from Italy. Buyers will pay extra under the current circumstances, knowing they will actually get their item.


Yesterday, I shipped a package to India and used Amazon Mailing Services to purchase the shipping label. While USPS International was offered as a choice, I did not use it because of this post. I used DHL which was also a choice for this order. Today, DHL returned the package to me saying they are unable to ship to India. Would it be possible to update your announcement to reflect the changes in all areas of international Shipments? I am concerned because I count on accurate information from Amazon when making the choice of my shipping providers. Why does Amazon give me a choice of a carrier that it knows will not be able to deliver the package? Today I am shipping a package to Israel. Amazon is offering me both USPS International and DHL as options for this shipment. The USPS label will not print and I get an error message. DHL printed without a problem and I am sending this our today. I am just wondering if it will be returned tomorrow.
Thank You in advance for your help.


I would recommend checking the DHL website for international service updates.


They tend to make this stuff up as they go along. If I had to guess, I’d say that whatever answer they give is dependent on some maximum number of allowable claims (or allowable maximum dollar amount of claims) set for them by a supervisor.

Did you appeal it?


I note that the list also includes many APO/FPO/DPO zip codes. That could be a problem. There is no way to block zip codes on our shipping settings. Note to self - check very carefully if you get any of those zip codes.


There’s the note:
“Unless otherwise noted, service suspensions to a particular country do not affect delivery of military and diplomatic mail.”

The “otherwise noted” list includes a number of DPO zips. But no APO / FPO.


We are having a lot of shipments to Canada stuck at the ISC (international service center) in Miami for a month. Customers are starting to ask for refunds. We have placed our stores in vacation mode in Canada and Mexico until this is sorted out.


Hi. About USPS International restrictions:

We are a european seller, it looks like our Postal Services can reach some of the country blocked by USPS, and also by DHL and UPS… odd… maybe because the air/road links are totally different when the shipping starts here (in Europe). Cheers, stay safe!


Yes!!! Amazon please STOP sending those emails that packages are lost. They are NOT lost!!


MUST the buyer use an AtoZ Claim for Amazon to protect our Seller Account and Order Defect Rate. Or how do I initiate a “claim” for refunding buyer. Seller used " Where is my stuff" and Amazon told me to refund at once.


Seller Support reps are frequently way beyond clueless and will accordingly make the rules up as they go along. Just because they tell you to do it doesn’t mean they understand Amazon policy correctly.

The whole Buy Shipping protections setup is only adhered to on an intermittent basis. I’m not sure if this will ever change. Whatever you choose to do will involve some degree of risk.