USPS backs down on Post Office closings


We are located in New Jersey, our Newark and Kearney Hubs have been 1 to weeks behind due to lack of employees which we were informed by our postmaster.

Now we were not told if this is due to employees calling out due to Covid or that they are just that inundated with tons of Amazon Prime deliveries when Amazon stopped shipping only prime and essential items

However we were told not to expect this to end in the near future!!!

we have sent out only 2 - priority 2nd day both were not received by the client for almost a week and a half both were stuck in the Newark Hub


If it didnt cost $12-$15 to ship 1-8oz (for example) out of the country, American businesses would be exporting $BILLIONS$ but the post office milking us for money on a package by package basis instead of doing what is overall best for our economy, we are unable to compete. The euro had 10% more buying power of american goods but the shipping costs is a huge hurdle.


I’ve not seen ANY DELAYS with ups nor FEDEX.


EXACTLY WHAT I AM SEEING…packages stopping in large distribution centers for 2 or 3 weeks…

If they REALLY want to slow things down they should hire Amazon seller support people…


The current administration’s pullout threat from the UPU fixed all that. New policies went into effect July 1…you didn’t notice the huge improvement to your selling career that some posters here were jumping for joy about just last year?



Sellers who are China based shouldn’t be selling on the U.S. platform. Shipping times are much longer which doesn’t offer a customer a good experience and they are of questionable quality in many cases. Do I dare say of Questionable ethics when it comes to following Amazon policy. They are known to have several accounts and commit most of the Blackhat attacks upon sellers whom they deem a competitor.


Which district are you in?


Still waiting for my “mystery seeds” to arrive.


Does USPS own this location or do they rent it from someone else?


They own it.


That will happen when the false information is generated at the district management office to the local post offices.

It happened at my local Post Office years ago when they were told to charge for acceptance scans on packages. I got the fixed pretty quickly with online references from the usps website.


The letter Senator Manchin sent to the Postmaster General is available through his official website, for anyone who would like to see that.


The Vice article entitled " USPS Plans to Slash Hours at Many Post Offices, Hoping to Save A Buck" references a similar incident form 2011 and a inquiry from then Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Ruth Goldway in which the Postmaster General was proposing closing Post Offices across the country.

The article’s title is " Goldway: USPS May Be Closing Post Offices Without Notifying PRC As Law Requires" and it’s on the Postal Reporter News website. And there is also a link to it in the Vice News article.

Patrick R. Donahoe who was the US Postmaster General in 2011 was a 35 year veteran of the Postal Service and appointed by President Obama.



But there’s always another scapegoat waiting in the wings if you really want one…


I’ve been waiting for my earbuds that they promised would last “long time”.


Hey - just because they meant those earbuds would last a long time in the delivery system, you’re complaining?



There’s also 2 points that have to be factored into the PO’s current situation and that is the effect covid 19 has had concurrently with the increase in volume as a result of people staying at home.

I am hoping for the best for the PO and that there will be long term positive and stabilizing effects from these actions.


@you_quot, I’ve said this many times…AMZ needs to be it’s own shipping station. They have lockers for pickup. Why not have lockers or bins or stations for dropoff & delivery? Those of us who buy and print postage from home would simply walk anything that has “AMZ” on it to the lockers and drop off. I don’t know that would work with the USPS being the receiver of the postage cost. But if (example) 50% of the shipment are AMZ packages, then AMZ should have its own Postal system, like UPS and Fedex.


This was confirmed by a higher up in our P/O today.
Also it hurts Amazon.
Neither one is a good thing.


People higher up in the PO are already working to get this guy out.
I’m sure they have good reason.