Using a Third-Party Shipping account for dropship orders



Our company has been on amazon for a little over half a year. We sell not only on our company website and Amazon, but we also partner with larger stores such as Macys, Bed Bath & Beyond and sell on their websites. They hold no stock, so once a customer orders our product from we immediately send the product from our warehouse to the customer (pretty much dropshipping).

These companies provide us with their FedEx and UPS shipping accounts so that we don’t pay for shipping when their customers order our products from their websites.

The problem is that since we’ve moved some stock to amazon, we’ve been paying for shipping to these customers through the FBA Fees. Is there a way to input a third-party UPS shipping account to avoid incurring the cost of shipping?


No. Amazon does not offer this option for FBA/MCF orders.


No, you cannot use a different account number to fulfill FBA orders. To have that flexibility, you need to use a different fulfillment center or fulfill the order yourself.