Used item sold as new


I received a message from a buyer that is probably a competitor stating the item i sold them was used sold as new. I know it was not used as i do not sell any of this item or company used. It happens to be an item that i have sold hundreds of this year and had no complaints. I received an email from to do a plan of action. If i had done something wrong I would gladly admit my mistake and do what they asked. But I knew there was no way this item could be used. I contacted them and told them this and they said they could not reinstate the item until i did the plan of action. I then received the item back and it was brand new still in plastic and twist ties on the cables and cords. So I contacted them again and sent the pictures and their response was do the plan of action and they may not respond to further messages. Well I do not see why i have to say i did something i did not do. I have tried to contact the buyer several times with no reply and they probably are a competitor and knew what they were doing. I can sell the item elsewhere but not as fast as they sell on amazon and i have been on amazon a very long time and wish there was someone out there that could help and actually listen. This happened to me a long time ago with another product and I proved to Amazon it was a competitor but i could never get them to listen and i just gave up and now sell that product elsewhere. All this person has to do is get someone to buy something again and do the same complaint and amazon will believe them not someone with great metrics and great feedback and great account health and they will shut me down. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated
thank you


Whether you want to or not, they want a POA, so do one. They have told you what to do so how could our suggestions help? If you sell FBA is this by any chance was a return? If you bought it directly for the company that makes them, this is a chance I would think to show that you have an invoice that covers the amount you have been selling. Lots of threads here on doing a POA.


Simply prove to Amazon that the item was and is still new. That means it completely fits into Amazons definition of New per the Condition Guidelines in Amazon Help.

I’m sure you have these bookmarked so I wont repost them …