Used book condition question


Should a textbook that has no writing or highlighting in the book but has names in the “this book is the property of” box on the inside cover should be listed as good or very good?


I would put it in very good… maybe just put a note in the item condition description thing?
hope this helps


VG can work for any book with only an owner name, but any markings further than that, and any cover wear = GOOD. Textbooks sell in all kinds of conditions to students who only buy the lowest price book available.


I would shoot for good and take pictures of any portions of the book along with a main image cover, and the Publishers page which denotes the ISBN in addition, along with any specific things that are written in… most people don’t care if it has some writing in it they just want to know about it… And they want to feel confident that as it’s getting close to having to have the textbook in their hand you know exactly what they’re buying, and there aren’t going to be any surprises…

And if it has some underlining or highlighting and it’s thoughtfully done you might mention that and the ones that look like a kindergartener went through the book…

Good descriptions and pictures are the only thing that distinguish a textbook seller from the mega sellers that are dumping stuff, or being in the middle wiggle room --wise with a book that is expensive to ridiculously priced…

And everybody needs to remember that textbooks – like used cats — they have a very limited life span of saleability —much of the time…


No better than good.


I go with Very Good …

Books – New and Used

Used - Very Good: Item may have minor cosmetic defects (such as marks, wears, cuts, bends, or crushes) on the cover, spine, pages, or dust cover. Shrink wrap, dust covers, or boxed set case may be missing. Item may contain remainder marks on outside edges, which should be noted in listing comments. Item may be missing bundled media.

I see a name inside and a remainder mark as about the same amount of marking.


And I see a name as sign of use and not a remainder mark.

Both are defects but a remainder mark usually travels with fewer other defects than the owner’s name.


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So a Used-VG book can have had no use at all? Maybe it was never opened past that page …

Personally I would expect that a book listed Used-VG could have actually been used at least some.



Maybe it wasn’t but it is unlikely.

I have to admit that as long as it is a textbook, I would not trust the grading for any online purchase, so I frankly do not care.

But I grade all books by the same standard.


Neither. Textbooks are currently restricted.