Use the Amazon Seller app to request approval to sell in certain product categories


Now, when you search products using the Amazon Seller app, you’ll see which products require approval to sell. If you want to apply to sell one of these products, you can request approval within the app.

To use this feature:

1. Open the Amazon Seller app, and then tap Add a Product.

2. In the Search Amazon to Sell box, type the product name and tap to search.

3. From the list of products, tap the one you want to view. If the product requires approval, you’ll see a Requires Approval banner at the top.

4. To apply to sell the product, tap the Request button and follow the steps.

Learn more about categories and products requiring approval


:clap::clap::clap: Thank you!
This is an excellent addition to the Seller App!

Sellers, remember when we asked for this feature? Ask questions to Amazon about the Seller Mobile App. I’m counting this as a #win.

When can we expect more consistency between the website versus the Seller App for prohibiting adding an offer on gated brands or products?
At times, the Seller App allows listing when the brand/product/ASIN is actually gated, leading to unexpected issues.


This has already been available for months?
What is the difference now?


Nothing different. They just now decided to “Announce” it.

I was going to post the same comment, but @papyrophilia had such a nice post that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.


:laughing: And yet you overcame!

I really don’t see that my post changes with this being an older-new feature. There are many Sellers who haven’t been using the App because it wasn’t trustworthy. Maybe, they will see this announcement (and the email Newsletter) and reconsider giving it a try.:+1:

Still a #win in my book! :grin:


Now you can get poor service on the go.


When I try to access this feature I only see a red banner that says restricted product, I see no banner that says requires approval or the link that would state … To apply to sell the product, tap the Request button and follow the steps.


Have you updated the app recently?

It’s also possible that product doesn’t have an opportunity for approval at this time.


appreciate the reply, thank you. Yes, just reloaded app today. Trying to be able to access the locked sports memorabilia category. When trying to request through the website it just takes you down a rabbit hole, never to be able to get to the proper link. I had hoped I would have better luck with the app :frowning:


That’s…a tricky one, no matter what :grimacing:


I ca n’t log in to my account on the Amazon Seller app. Does anyone have the same situation?


me too 。


…but the app STILL doesnt have a notification bubble when you sell an item. This is sooo easy to add, guess you cant have everything. :grin:


Heh? Mine does. :confused: Perhaps your phone settings need to be adjusted to enable icon notifications?



I guess I have to upgrade from my iPhone 6! :joy:


just use a browser, mobile browser, desktop mode, laptop, etc.


when I go through the app i find my item with one seller (used) and myself with the option only of selling new (which won’t happen) hp stopped making them 20 years ago I have sold 4 since August, Am I missing something?


This is good only when you need to add 1 item, but what about 5.000+ items requiring approval without any need as Amazon has all wrong on their databases?


This is good to add only 1 item at the time, but what if you need to add 5.000+ items because Amazon has all wrong on their databases? who will go 1 by 1? Amazon must create a way to get approval for lots of items on the same category and delete data old (more than 2 month) when it has no stock and allow us, the MANUFACTURER DISTRIBUTOR that has teh correct data, to enter in batch the items and get approval if needed.


Agree. The App is only a tool of convenience and not intended to replace the website.