USA Seller but my Login Makes me Look like I am in my EU Account ? What happened?


I used to login in a few weeks back and I was in my USA Seller central account. Same login screen and credentials now take me to what looks like I am logged into and operating from my EU account, or is it just this new way of amazon showing all my accounts. The lost has accounts I am not even signed up for like the Sweden and the Netherlands etc.

Amazon responded that I should go into my “Your Global Accounts” and that the partner account switcher shows the name of the partner account, you can change it at and it costs the (rename ) next to main name at top. That doesn’t seem right.

I want my USA Account interface back.


Same here, following.


Im calling on my case again, they told me to just rename that account name at top and remove the EU letters, just doesn’t see right…


No matter what or where I sign in it always redirects me to the EU site. I even cleared my cache and cookies to start over. Just weird.


Ya I tried that too, on the phone now with Amazon now, this is pretty ridiculous, accounts and everything seem to be still working, its just a strange way to look at the interface. They added names to the drop down list of marketplaces we don’t even sell in as well like Sweden and the Netherlands. When you click on those it asks you to sign up. If you find something out please post.


Got someone who has directed case to Global Seling Accounts dept. Fingers Crossed


Did you ever get anywhere. I did not. I think I may have accidentally MERGED the accounts and once done it cant be undone, BS.