Urget Limited restock help


I am new to fba and this is my first product.

I found a factory and made a payment of 202 units order.

than I went to amazon to create a shipping plan… found out there is a 200 unit limit

my question, what do I do with 2 units at this point? tell factory to ship it later?

2nd question, 200 limit means, I can only have 200 units at one time? once I run out, only than I can order?


You do anything other than ship the overage to Amazon, unless you want to face penalties,

Your relations with the factory are of no interest to Amazon unless you are infringing their intellectual property rights.


ASIN quantity limits for FBA

For select ASINs, FBA limits the number of items that you can ship to our fulfillment centers. These limits help you avoid sending products that have high inventory levels but low customer demand. Items that have been in Amazon fulfillment centers for 6 months or more are assessed a semi-annual long-term storage fee on February 15 and April 15 of each year.

When creating a shipping plan that contains an ASIN with a quantity limit, you cannot exceed the stated maximum quantity. ASIN quantity limits may change over time based on inventory levels and sales.

See also: FBA inventory storage limits (Ignore the yellow banner and see below):