Urgent help needed!


nobody is verifying my account but Amazon charged me? I cant sell anything and nobody is respondoing?


It can take up to 45 days to verify your account. This is normal.

There are many people applying every day.


This is so crazy as they say they will respond within 12 hrs, so unprofessional


Now is a great time to go and learn all the policies in Seller University.

12 Hours is an outdated statement that has not been updated. Response time to sellers is not fast on ANY situation. Also, if you didn’t notice, a lot of people are home not working/reduced work loads, this may increase response times. Is it professional, no, should you get offended like you have? Nope.


i believe its unprofessional to charge for services not provided. I am in the midst of working at home also and run 3 businesses. If I treated people like this, I would be out of business.


Charging your card is part of the account verification process.

I am sorry you feel they are being unprofessional. It is just the way it is. I am just another seller (we all are here), no reason to get mad at us.


Like what M_L_H said, this is the norm and since we all decided to setup shop on Planet Amazon, we just have to abide by the house rules. You will be intrigued and surprised how running a business here is a different ballgame altogether. As suggested, take your time to explore Seller University and ask questions if you have any doubt or requires clarifications. I am sure other Sellers here would be more than happy to advise you.


This will not end well. You might as well just not even try if that’s your attitude.


you do realize there is a PANDEMIC going on in the world right? As one of the posters above stated, you don’t have the proper attitude to be selling on here anyway


@kingnature.us, take this wait time to complete all of these preparation tasks: Slow account verification? 11 things to do while you wait. Plus the bonus tasks: Slow account verification? 11 things to do while you wait.

I know that you said you currently run 3 businesses, and that experience will be helpful here, but Amazon is different than anything you’ve done–trust us. Get yourself ready!


Thank you for all your grace and wisdom


Thank you for your response! It has been very helpful, unlike others, who want to feed and tolerate incompetence.


I wish you the best of luck on Amazon. I think your expectations are a little high as far as support from Amazon is concerned.


Guy posts in a forum to say “Urgent help needed” but really just complaining.

Asks questions doesn’t like answers.

Then insults the forum of his peers.

My two cents: if you are this thin skinned, I would suggest this is absolutely not the business for you. Amazon is a relentless beast in their application of “their rules” – often unfairly and inconsistently. If you have really run “3 businesses” you would know that dealing with a multi-billion dollar company takes time. But you apparently don’t understand that.

Good luck to you sir.


you’re a company from outside the United States selling herbal garbage. You should be happy that Amazon is making sure you’re legitimate. if you are found legitimate you should be happy that this process is in place so that you can do business on a marketplace that isn’t full of junk sellers. Unfortunately it already is full of junk seller so they’re trying to close the Barn door after the cows are already out. But I’m sure you have an herbal remedy for that.


I sincerely was not mad at anyone on this forum, please forgive me and any assumptions.


Sadly you have greatly misunderstood and have alot of misinformation. Bless you!


If I have any misinformation it’s directly from your sight so you would be the only one to blame. Perhaps you have an herbal supplement that can help you with reading comprehension? You seem to need one.


I created a new account, but the account is not yet active after 3 days. I have an urgency to work. I can’t find a phone number to call or an email to write to. I have the goods ready in stock and Amazon doesn’t help me.


As @M_L_H said upthread:

At this time, @TheButler_com, most Amazon staff are working from home, which means additional delays in new Seller review and response times. Furthermore, this is not Amazon’s priority at this time. Therefore, you need to be prepared to wait a month or more, or to be grateful if you hear from Amazon sooner.

:white_check_mark: While you’re waiting, go ahead and complete all of these preparation tasks: Slow account verification? 11 things to do while you wait. Plus the bonus tasks: Slow account verification? 11 things to do while you wait.