URGENT: API sending us FBA orders and causing errors


Tuesday after 5PM EST, Amazon began sending us FBA orders through the API, which is causing errors in our system. They only sent FBM orders in the past. Anyone experiencing this issue? We have a ticket with seller central but we are not getting any help. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated!


Is there a tag on those orders where your program can ignore them?


Could you describe which MWS API calls/reports you are using? (there are quite a few ways to get orders)


To add to @Autonomoose’s comments, a question. Did you contact Seller Support or MWS Support?


We have had the same thing happen and we are only FBA. We have had 162 orders come through already. I’ve opened a case but have not received a reply yet.


I guess these complaints are more of a heads up than a request for help, but I am pretty curious about a few things:

  • Is this a listing issue, or a reporting issue? (do the listings now show as seller fulffilled in seller central? do actual fba orders show up as unshipped on seller central? Do you get shipping info with the order?)
  • If this is a reporting issue, is this just in MWS or does it show up somehow in seller central (other than unshipped) Do they show pending?
  • if this is an MWS only issue, which reports/api calls are involved?


For us, they seem to be duplicate orders on more than one listing and are still shipping FBA just fine. Our concern is what happens if at some point that stops and why is it happening at all. We aren’t a new seller or new to FBA. I was happy to hear it was not just happening to us and maybe it’s one of Amazon’s computer glitches.


We have learned Amazon is now sending FulfillmentChannel=AFN orders.

That should NOT be the case. We are trying to get a response from Amazon but nothing.

If anyone comes up with a solution please let us know. They should only be sending FulfillmentChannel=MFN


No one can help without more information.


I hope you people have done a better job communicating with mws support than you have here.

I am guessing that you are using the ListOrders api call, and that the FulfillmentChannel argument is not working correctly for you. You might double-check to make sure you are using that argument in your code to restrict it, and that it is set correctly to AFN by using the scratchpad to make a test call. This would also give you a nice clean description of the problem with an example for mws support. My tests don’t show an issue.


Did you ever get a response on this? It is still happening to us. Is it still happening to you?