Updating Price of an ASIN via SubmitFeeds


I would like to update the price of an ASIN via the MWS API. I have seen that using SubmitFeed and the _POST_FLAT_FILE_PRICEANDQUANTITYONLY_UPDATE_DATA FeedType Enumeration would be the best, fastest way of doing this.

  1. The sample file (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/200385490) says that a SKU ID is required. Is it possible to Update the price for an ASIN value or does it have to be a SKU identifier? If so, is a different file required?
  2. If we pass a SKU/ASIN and a price into the flat file and leave everything else blank, will that affect inventory numbers? Or does an inventory quantity need to be stated?


EDIT: I’ve answered #2 above with respect to the inventory quantities being blank. Still curious about #1 thanks!


I don’t believe it is possible as the document clearly states that you must use SKU.