Updates to Remote Fulfillment with FBA fees effective June 30


Lets lower those wages back down and not increase our fees.


So does this mean every seller is getting more fees increased AGAIN? Or are they basing it solely off of the size of items sold?


@Pay_Me do you use Remote Fulfillment by FBA? If so, it is clearly stated that the rates are going to go up. Yes, there have been other increases in fees for using FBA. Those would be separate from this program.


Yes but my items are really small and lightweight. So the second part confused me I might not be as affected as I think. But let’s hope lol


Hello everyone;

News feed says we’ll all be automatically enrolled in remote fulfillment starting July 1st unless we opt out. We’ve never used this. For those who have, what are your thoughts on this program?

The help page says:

Your US prices are synchronized to Canada or Mexico, or both, and are adjusted for estimated differences in fulfillment fees, referral fees, surcharges, exchange rates, and costs that you may incur when converting proceeds back to US dollars.

Since these fees are going to be significantly higher than US fees (since our products are stored in US warehouses), seems like would be difficult to compete with Ca/Mx domestic sellers… unless you’re selling items not readily available on those sites. Also, if we’re understanding this correctly, any sales would appear on our Ca/Mx accounts (which we’ve never used).


@sunshine123 What in the world are you posting about?

You posted to the thread created from the news feed. It only mentions the increased fees.

No mention of automatic enrollment.


He meant news feed on the seller central home page.9E42C246-97D1-49B1-AE76-9231FE1AF50F




Not on our page. Stupid widgets. But still not a news feed announcement.

Might be a gradual roll-out.


I have tried it and not worth it, customers in Mexico tend to scam really hard, I opted out from this program a long time ago and will never use it again, I lost money.


I have no idea about automatic enrollment but I use remote fulfillment for Canada. In my opinion it works very well. Other than getting your payouts in CDN which is then converted to USD (where you will pay a fee for the conversion) it’s really pretty simple.

As for synchronization of US prices, you can set it up to automatically calculate selling costs in Canada based on your US pricing and it does add extra for the increased fulfillment fees and exchange rates. What it doesn’t account for is the fees that you are charged to convert from CDN to USD. It’s actually quite small but you also have the option of adding an additional % to your Canada costing. I add an additional 1% to cover that cost.

I can’t speak for Mexico as I won’t sell there but I don’t have any issues with remote fulfillment in .CA

Good Luck,



I received an email from Amazon this morning stating I was selected to be auto enrolled for this program starting on July 1st… with option to opt out if I am not interested. My question: Can one opt-in to do remote fulfillment in Canada only and not in Mexico? I guess in my case if I do nothing I assume I would be enroll into both… if I don’t want to do Mexico but wanted to keep Canada do I need to manually opt out of Mexico once I am opted-in? Also my other question is dealing with returns if I can request items returned back to me will the cost be higher? Any suggestions or recommendations from those who tried this program?? Thanks in advance


I’d also love the answer to these questions since I also got the auto opt in email.




Dear Amazon, your account is suspended as we have found a similar offering below your price. Please adjust your price accordingly and your account will be unlocked.


My problem with this, is that this automatic opt-in doesn’t have an opt-out on it. This needs to be the same place. The pricing for this program doesn’t make sense for every product and shouldn’t be automatic.


Can anyone provide the direct link to opt out ?
I unmarked Canada and Mexico and saved from the link provided…is this all ?


here is the opt out link I got in the email I received:



This is what I did earlier…is unmarking Canada and Mexico, and save is the complete opt out ?


I really don’t know… I was asking some questions myself… I am going to keep a close eye on this and make a final decision if I will opt-in or out. I’ve just heard some nightmare issues with international buyers and returns etc… just not sure how all this come into play with this program.